Britney Spears shares

American singer and songwriter, Britney Spears has gotten fans worried after she flooded her social media page with nude photos of herself.

The 40-year-old singer who is currently pregnant, had taken to her Instagram page on Monday night, May 9, to release the first batch of photos.

She captioned it,

“Photo dump of the last time I was in Mexico BEFORE there was a baby 👶🏼 inside me … why the heck do I look 10 years younger on vacation 🏖☀️ ???” 

It didn’t stop there as in the early hours of Tuesday, May 10, she shared more naked photos of herself.

This time, she captioned it,

“Don’t underestimate the power of doing it myself and shooting with a selfie stick 🤳🏻 !!! Photo dump before there was a child 👶🏼 inside me 😜 !!!”

At this point, fans were genuinely concerned about her well being and called for her phone to be taken away from her to prevent further embarrassment.

However, this call was met with more nude photos, making it 12 photos in less than 24 hours.

She captioned the last post, “I love you all SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO much 💋💋💋 !!!!”

See the photos below,

This stunt has stirred mixed reactions on social media.

While some people criticized her for posting her nudes online, others questioned if she was mentally okay and appealed to her close friends to go check on her.

See some reactions below,

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