Fans slam

Controversial Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington recently engaged in a war of words with some shoppers at a supermarket in the Ajah area of Lagos state.

A video circulating on social media shows the singer engaging in a verbal altercation with the shoppers at a mall.

It was gathered that the fans spotted Speed Darlington in the supermarket and approached him for a picture, due to his celebrity status. However, he allegedly demanded a fee of N5,000 for a picture with him.

Fans slam

This seemingly infuriated the shoppers who lambasted him for his audacity to demand money for a simple photograph. They also berated him and questioned his relevance and identity in the society.

As tension escalated in the supermarket, Speed Darlington, known for his uncouth speech, didn’t hold back in insulting the fans as well.

Watch the fight below,

A while back, Speed opined that renting a property rather than buying one in a foreign country is a better option.

In his opinion, owning a home in a different state or area would make it more difficult to leave immediately in the event of unanticipated circumstances.

He suggested that renting a house would be a better choice for a non-native resident than purchasing land.

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