Arguably one of the most culturally diverse nations in Africa boasting huge productions, Billboard Chart worthy music, tantalising cuisines and now, Efe, Igwe of his very own ‘Efe Nation’; Naija no dey carry last abi?!

BBNaija 2017 Winner Efe

Just the thought of signing up for a show as full-dimensionally scrutinizing as Big Brother Naija go fit make anybody faint, literally or otherwise. For Efe however, this show proved to be the best platform to promote his music, his brand and make a ton of money while he was at it.

After successfully making it through the gruelling selection process, the 24-year-old, Delta bred, buttered and sliced, Michael Efe Ejeba was finally one step closer to realising his dream and was one of the chosen amongst the many that were called.

When asked how he felt after first setting foot in the House that played catalyst to his dream chasing, he said he felt elated and didn’t exactly have a strategy in place; it was total spontaneity. He approached each day and issue as he would have in the real world. Even with the title of ‘Longest Standing Igwe’, Efe says that he’s never seen himself as a leader, but preferred being a supportive follower aiding in the completion of the Task at hand.

Take one look at his popular Instagram and you’ll find that Efe does not shy away from pointing out that he’d definitely vote for himself if he were a viewer. “Why?” you might ask? – Simply put, he’d want “Efe to win!”.

Fast forward to Day 78 of the Big Brother race – the day we go know the koko; wey all don set. Efe stood and the Efe Nation stood even firmer. In the man’s own words, “It was an unexplainable feeling. I felt like I was on a different planet, a different world entirely. Like it was too good to be true… Like is this really happening?! My life is turning around”. He had his cake and ate it.

From this unrelenting support stemmed the honour of attaining Youth Ambassador Status. Efe has been tasked with promoting self-development as the bane of youth empowerment and he is living a reality far beyond his wildest dreams. Efe advises anyone in or outside the Big Brother Naija House to always stay true to themselves and Based on Logistics, the only way forward is forward and so, forward he goes.

Big Brother Naija Season 3 premieres on Sunday 28 January 2018.

Culled from africamagic.dstv/bbnaija

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