Davido’s brother, Adewale Adeleke who reacted to a post about power distribution by Laura Ikeji, disclosed that Fashola was set up to fail as Minister.

This all started when, Laura Ikeji disclosed that she and her family have not had up to 2 hours of electricity in one week, and it could even be lesser. She went on to disclose that they’ve not also had up to 20 hours of electricity since January. Calling out EEKDC, she wrote;

My family and I have had less than 2hrs power supply in a week, could be lesser but let me just say 2hrs. Since January, don’t think we’ve had upto 20 hrs of power And we have a minister! 😂😂😂 then after 4 days our 10 cards will be exhausted. What a messy place. And after 4 years, y’all will beg us to go vote. Vote for who

Reacting to the post, Davido’s brother Adewale Adeleke stated that Fashola was set up to fail as Minister given that he got three different ministerial positions to run. He wrote;

One minister to run three different ministerial positions. Power, works & housing he was set up to fail. The power sector alone can be split into two sectors Gencos & Discos unless Nigeria becomes serious about power generation we will continue to be in darkness!



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