Teen actress, Regina Daniels and her billionaire husband Ned Nwoko, made their first public appearance at an event which took place today in Warri, Delta State.

The event also had other politicians in attendance.

Regina Daniel had been confounding her critics and followers with her show-off of expensive, luxurious cars on social media and many wondered if she was in the same Nollywood Industry that other actors and actresses ply their trades.

But here is a proof that, there is something actually going on between the billionaire and the actress

Here are photos of Regina Daniels and husband Ned Nwoko, as they make their first public appearance below;



  1. Money is good, but Regina dear, think of the future is you get married to your father’s mate… Anyway I believe you going for the money not the love… Remember me in your paradise Regina….

  2. money have done it all little girl of yesterday Wan marry an old man cox of money …..wr Ur Moda she deh aware

  3. My dear Regina I admire you a lot, if I get such opportunity I wouldn’t mind being d 10th wife, all this people criticising you will do same if they are given d opportunities, so pls disregard them and move on in your marital life, congrats dear, remember to assist us ur fans dear, I celebrate you.

  4. am happy fro u let ur days with ur husband be long,and ur enemy be alive to see the goodness of God more upon ur dear life,love u

  5. God who make it to be so in your life will perfect everything for you and your husband in Jesus name. May the Heavenly Father Bless your New home and give you and your husband peace of mind, to enjoy whatever God has blesss you and your husband with, and in all, may God give you great children who will come out of you by God through your husband in Jesue name. Am praying for you and your husband and I decree that what happen to other celebrities and their marital life will not happen to you and your husband in Jesus name Amen

  6. This is not love with in one year now the will start having issues infact Regina will still date someone out side her marriage because she will not enjoy the man.she is just after his money

  7. Hmmmm my dear the man u married already know what u are after, I can he is not happy bcos u he knows u don’t love him. At your young age, settling down with a man old enough to be your grandpa just bcos of his riches will b

  8. Please you people should leave this babe alone Ooo ,if I where to be in her place I will be very happy because nobody will break my heart and dump me .girls you know what I mean


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