A father, Matt McMillan has received clout online after he shared photos of his few months old son doing “grown ups” things.

The baby, Ryan, was born nine weeks premature in July 2018 and weighed 3lbs. Ryan had to stay in Neonatal Intensive Care for six weeks before he was allowed to go home.

His parents decided that it was best they joked about his premature birth by stating that he was perhaps a little advanced for his age. Having a sense of humor, they proceeded to dress him up looking like he’s doing what grown ups normally do.

The resulting pictures ended up being shared 100,000 times.

‘Ryan was born nine weeks premature and was in hospital for the first six weeks of his life,’ said Matt.

‘My wife and I like to joke that he is not premature, but just advanced, which is where this idea stemmed from.

‘She helped me with everything. One of us would hold him in different positions, and then I’d just edit us out, so it looks like he is doing it all by himself.

‘I find normal newborn photographs somewhat boring, so I thought I’d spice it up a bit this way.


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