Nigeria’s billionaire businessmen, Femi Otedola, has called out Nigerians who are yet to fulfill their pledges to the COVID-19 relief fund.

Femi Otedola Twitter

Femi Otedola calls out individuals who are yet to fulfill their pledges to the COVID-19 Relief fund

Recall that immediately after the outbreak of Coronavirus in Nigeria, many wealthy Nigerians came out to publicly make donations towards the fight of the pandemic.

The account was set up at the Central Bank of Nigeria under the Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19.

A list of the Nigerians who have fullfilled their pledges has been released. Posting the list on his IG page, Otedola who last year made a whooping N5 billion donation to the Save The Children Fund, called on others who are yet to redeem their pledges to do so.

He wrote:

Matching words with action is the hallmark of Integrity, hence my fufillment of my 1 Billion Naira Donation which has been published above by the Central Bank of Nigeria. My word is my bond and this has always been the bedrock on which my life is based. I salute the other contributors listed above who have honoured their pledge and call on those who are yet to fulfill their own pledges to this noble cause that will undoubtedly save lives …F.Ote”

See the list of Nigerians who have redeemed their pledge below.



  1. So this is a confirmation that the federal government has recieved this money and they’re claiming to be giving funds to the poorest of the poor families in Nigeria, how were these class of Nigerians identified and are they only in a particular geopolitical zone? Well I don’t blame the federal government we’ve always known they’re all thieves, I blame the so called rich we know you made your money your selves (some how from the average and the low class) but that’s not the bone of contention now,if you had really wanted to help the poor as you all claim the funds are for,you guys are rich and are friends of each other why not set up a committee and open the same account,the committee will the see to it that this funds are shared to Nigerians, most of y’all that donated are bank owners, ona never transfer shishi give ur user, instead acees bank collect #10 from our account onto sey them one donate money wey we no go see… see let me just say this here and now the rich never liked the poor we know and doesn’t mean the poor will remain poor at least not me(I’m feeding well,glory yo God). So if you rich really wanted to support Nigerians you wouldn’t have handed the money to the government(that’s if you guys did pay this money and its not a publicity stunt to fool the people) knowing fully well that the government will steal it,you would just done what to can and see if you won’t be appreciated. Bank owners start with your customers and see if things won’t go well. As for dangote ordinary one bag of rice from you company to the citizens of the nation that patronizes you, you cannot dash, shame on u,well I strongly believe you the elite are the government and you did not donate any money all these are just to make your self look good like the likes of Jack ma and Donald Trump making their citizens survive the pandemic without having struggle in the lockdown
    Truth be told I was actually looking forward to Nigerians getting the same treatment other countries with good economy are enjoy then boom it dawned on me na 9ja I dey oo…where government are looters and criminals. Hahahahah I just wish you guys see this by God’s grace and see that you are all failures not by making more money or being rich but that fooling Nigerians has failed because we already knew the end from the beginning as far as sey na money matter …#shalom to all Nigerians, the storm will be over don’t wait on that money,keep praising God


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