One of Our Followers is currently at cross roads as her relationship with her boyfriend of almost two years, is tending towards the next phase.

According to our reader, her boyfriend already proposed marriage to her but she’s not satisfied with their sexual life and she’s indecisive whether or not, she wants to go further, cause the dissatisfaction is really a barrier for her.

She says she’s spoken to her boyfriend about it, but all to no avail, she says he’s a nice person but just that one thing is holding her back and now she needs your advice.

In her own words:

I have a boyfriend who has proposed to me already and for almost two years we have been together.

I Have been struggling sexual satisfaction. He can’t really satisfy me and have told him stylishly and openly.

I Even told him I will cheat on him if we get married as I cannot endure like this for the rest of my life. But each time I strive to breakup, he will eventually do everything to make the relationship work

The good part is he’s very nice, willing to do everything for me.

Please can you post this and keep me anonymous please?




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