One of our readers is currently at a confused state right and needs the candid advise of y’all.

So after battling to gain admission into a university in the country, our reader finally got admission into DELSU but unfortunately, had to be screened out because of wrong JAMB combinations.

He was too distraught to tell his parents, who could have had a minor breakdown – cause they’d been ecstatic about his admission at the time – and so went on with the flow of being admitted and received all the support he needed for school.

He planned on trying admission again this year but wasn’t so lucky and now his folks thinks he’s going to his second year and guilt has set in and he’s worried whether or not to tell them.

Read him:

“I’m born into the average Nigerian family. I’ve been seeking admission since 2014, all to no avail.. I finally got admitted to Delsu in 2016, my parents out of excitement announced it to the whole world.

But on getting to sch, I was screened out coz of wrong jamb subject and name errors on my credentials. I couldn’t summon courage to tell them coz my mum especially will be heart broken.

I collected all the fees and house rent and traveled, i kept them till this year tho and reapplied, but my name didn’t come out. I’m f-cked!. My parents think I’m in 200L now.

My dad has also given me school fees and house rent for this year, but everything is still intact. If I venture to tell my dad, I know that man too well, he might kill me or disown me. And my mum might just loose it she’s really fragile.

I pity her coz she’s been sending lots of foodstuffs and money from her petty business just to keep me going. I’M FEELING GUILTY AND AT THE SAME TIME SCARED! what do I do??”

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  1. YOU HAVE to inform them.. because sooner or later, they’d find out..however they will be proud when they know you don’t lavish the money but has been try all these day to gain admission.. only will be sad that you didn’t inform them early.

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