Nigerian media personality, Stephanie Coker, has said that she finds it hard to be friends with women who have spent their whole lives in Nigeria.

Stephanie, who stated this in a recent interview, explained that she finds it difficult to make friends with women who were raised here because she believes the way they see things is different.

Speaking further, she maintained that the mindset of women raised abroad is quite different from the mindset of women raised in Nigeria.

“I find it hard make friends with women that have grown up and spent their whole lives in Nigeria just because I feel like their mind set is very different and sometimes I think people take it like you are snubbish or whatever and its like no…I will give you a very good example.. When you are out and maybe on a table, if a girl that never lived out of Nigeria comes to the table, she will greet the guys and not greet the woman and I am always like why? What is your problem? I was here first. You should have least said hi”, the mother of one said.

Watch her speak below,

A while back, Stephanie averred that some women have no business celebrating others on International Women’s Day.

Taking to her Instagram story on Tuesday, March 8, Stephanie urged women to be less judgmental of one another.

She added that women should learn that a woman who has a thriving business doesn’t mean she’s a bad girl, and that a woman is divorced doesn’t mean she’s damaged. Read here.

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