A bride has received a strange treatment from one of her guests trying to spray her on her wedding.

In the viral video, the bride can be seen dancing during the wedding ceremony while another woman tried to use naira notes to wipe her face.

The bride’s observant friend knocked the woman’s hand away and warned her to desist from doing such and the woman waved to show remorse.

Watch the video below;

In related news, A young groom has gone viral online after he allowed his anger take the best of him on his wedding day as he was captured getting into a physical bout with a guest at the ceremony.

The man and his wife were dancing during the wedding reception when one of the guests stood up and started dropping cash on his forehead.

A closer look at the guest in the video would show him licking the money before standing up from his seat.

The man attempted to continue spraying the couple with money even after the groom tossed the money back at him and it fell to the ground. He began to struggle with the guest to stop him from what he was doing for reasons unknown to the other guests.

It got so heated that other guests had to step in and restrain the groom as he punched and kicked the guest.

Some netizens were of the opinion that the guest was doing something fetish and the groom spotted him while some joked that the man was probably the bride’s ex and that triggered his anger.

A good number were however concerned about the groom’s inability to control his anger despite the circumstance and expressed worry for the poor bride.

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