The reaction of a Caucasian man to his Nigerian man making Fufu from scratch has generated different comments from internet users.

The man was seen closing his nose tightly as he kept telling his wife that what she was making was rotten because of how it smelled.

His Nigerian wife kept trying to convince him that it was not rotten but fermented, which is how it is done.

Her husband however didn’t agree as he held onto his nose tightly, while pulling their son away from the stench.

She also revealed via the caption that her husband has refused to eat it after she showed him how it was made.

Her caption read; “My husband refused to eat fufu after I showed him how it was made”

Below are some of the reactions,

@dc_timmie:  Her hubby dey close nose make he chop am first with egusi soup e go know what’s up

@AFC_Forthman:  Oyinbo, It’s called fermented cassava not rotten cassava please.

@NnamadiJude:  This is simply why I don’t eat fufu and you’re not allowed to eat it in front of me too.

@Mayordavid_9  Rotten gini? He doesn’t know that it’s dangerous to eat a fresh cassava?

@Nwauka:  There is a big difference between rotten and fermented. fufu is a powerful probiotic!!!! You go gal!!!! But to reduce the smell just add lime.

Watch the video below,

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