Nigerian comedian, EmmaOMG who is married to Yetunde of Yetunde vlogs has shared in a funny video how his wife sends him on errands below his outfit standard.

The comedian cum gospel singer funnily laments the humility marriage gives one as his wife whenever he dresses well to go out will suggest that he buys fish and other condiments when coming back home.

He says she would not even allow him to buy them at the supermarkets due to cost difference but tell him to enter local markets. The fish stinks according to him that it smells on him no matter the nylons he uses to cover it.

EmmaOMG says all these in a pitiful but comical manner that the viewers can only laugh hard at his distress.

He asserts that he is a boss to others but his wife bosses him making her the boss of bosses secondary to God almighty.

The singer concludes that heavens save him if he refused or dared to disobey her.

Married men came under the video to bemoan their ‘slavery’ as their wives do such to them too. The women confess to sending their husbands on errands. A woman says,

@Toria: I dey this table. Shey u want to waste outside ni, as e be say u dey comot u go use 1 stone kee two birds.

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