A Nigerian gay right activist, has declared that he would be the first to openly get married as a gay man in Nigeria.

According to the Nigerian man identified as Haryoormide on Instagram, being gay is a fascinating lifestyle that ranges from glory to glory, and he is ready to do whatever it takes to ensure gay marriage is legalized in Nigeria.

Taking to Instagram he wrote,

“GBT Marriage must be Approved and signed in Nigeria.

I Have made research as An Activist, being GAY is rrrnot a curse, It is a fascinating lifestyle that ranges from Glory to Glory.

Encompassing the earth surfaces….why would you be scared in Your Fathers land being GAY…..I think Nigeria should stop being Homophobic,we are in a modernized world, despites the hatred Nigeria is still Number 1 country that has the most populace and popular LGBT.

crossdressing is Accepted without no hatred. There is A great Hope that LGBT will be Approved.

“I will be the First handsome dude that will get Married openly as GAY in Nigeria.”



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