Popular reality tv star and Instagram influencer, Ese Eriata has shaded Nigerian author and content creator, Toni Tone for advising people to marry who they are attracted to.

The author had taken to her official Twitter account to share a piece of advice she got from her mother and encouraged people to get married to attractive spouses so their beauty would make conflict resolution easier.

Ese who disagreed with this ideology took to her Snapchat account and shared lengthy reasons why there were flaws in said advice.

According to her, she would not want to make a mistake simply because someone’s role model gave a bit of advice based on their personal experiences and urged her followers not to do the same.

In her words;

“First time seeing this beauty chat shit; in my opinion, 1 like her alot for always making sense but this is not, maybe it’s an Aries thing or personal opinion.
Being cute can never makeup for your bad character, if not why are so many cute people still single.

Even with your money and fine face, you’ll still get dumped if u are dating someone who doesn’t take nonsense who be that? Who you be?? Stressing my peace and you expect your face to console me?
Must be ment let you go gettat with ur fine face o.

Face way go still squeeze when u reach 80 you Dey whine me. Good character and personality feels the same for a life time. If I marry one short odd looking guy tomorrow don’t be shocked o
I’m all about how u give me peace and how u treat me, what’s a cute face suppose to do for me? Make society to be shouting “awwww for me? Rubbish Better look for who will give u peace and treat you right, be there looking for cute person that will give u
HBP because em fine 5 na u go first d*e for the union
Be mindful of the advise u take from people online even if you love them, they can’t be right all the time.

Please marry someone u are sexuually attracted to.
good makeup s*x is way better than a cute face after fighting, You might not be Physically attracted but how they give u mind blowing Orgasm is very important, except you are not sexually active. Then u can listen to your role model
Who’s gonna f**k your brains out when u are stressed, angry or moody? What’s the use of an attractive man who ain’t active in bed & Abi fine face Dey satisfy sexual needs?
God Abeg o make I no go use because I like person collect wrong advise o.

Fine face chock everywhere, you’ll probably meet someone finer than your partner at some point but who Dey give brain busting orgasm no plenty, the way u see cute people everywhere, you can buy fine face now Incase you don’t know.
By the time you do Veneers and Botox, face never set? Chose wisely o
Shey u think say na clear eye make people Dey nock their domestic staff
God Abeg o.”

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