A Nigerian lawyer, identified as Akomas Victoria, has shared her experience with the police after being robbed in Lagos state.

Victoria took to the microblogging platform, Twitter to narrate how she was robbed by “one-chance bus” criminals on January 5, who stole her phone and pushed her out of the bus.

According to her, when she went to the police to report the event, the cops demanded that she pay N50,000 to assist her in searching for her phone and mobilize funds to help her reclaim it wherever it could be discovered.

She wrote;

“Yesterday I was robbed in a “one chance bus”, pushed out of the vehicle and my phone stolen.
I reported at the police station and was asked to pay 50,000 naira to track my phone and afterwards pay a mobilization fee depending on the location where the phone is found.
Please help.
The police officer described the entire incident before I could even explain. He says he knows them and where they are from. He called one of them “Prince” and that they are from Mushin/Orile.
These people are well known, yet I need to pay to mobilize the police to do their job
This happened at Marwa in Lekki phase 1, and was reported at the maroko police station. I believe that the police can help, the officers I spoke to seemed competent and well versed.”

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