Man 'jubilates'

A Nigerian man has chosen to be ‘positive’ about the heavy flood that took over his family compound as he describes it as a ‘free swimming pool’.

It’s no longer news that severe floods have ravaged different states in the country, leaving thousands homeless, farmlands destroyed, and roads impassable.

Well, amid the unrest caused by the flood, a young man whose family house was taken over by flood has taken to TikTok to express gratitude to God for the water because they now have a ‘free swimming pool’.

Man 'jubilates'

He posted a video of him and a lady playing and swimming in the flood water in front of the single-storey mansion and made it clear that he’s unperturbed by the flood because if it takes over the down floor of the buidling, he and his family can still stay in the top floor.

“If the water like make e cover downstair, e nor concern me. I still get hope for upstairs. Thank God for this flood. We don get free swimming pool”, he captioned the video.

The video has stirred quite a number of reactions online as netizens pointed out the risk of ‘swimming’ in flood water. While others lauded the man for being positive about the negative occurrence.

Watch below,

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