Social media was last week, set abuzz with the reports that operatives of the Asset Management Company of Nigeria, AMCON, has taken possession of media personality, Toke Makinwa‘s house.

The OAP’s management released a statement denying the report and also revealed that her Ikoyi home belongs solely to her. Her management in the statement released, also added that they would be taking legal action on the originators of the false claim.

On Monday August 3rd, she gave an update stating that she has reported the matter to the police and an investigation is being effected.

According to Toke, freedom of speech is great but what comes after is going to be even more interesting, Her tweets read,

“Today I want to let some things off my chest, this is what twitter is for right? I know we live in an age of ignore and keep ignoring, I live my life based on that, if something is not making me money, adding growth to my life or drawing me close to Jesus… I ignore it.

I have a legal team and a management team who are capable and are working to have me focused on other aspects of my life But today as a person, it just feels right to really express myself and I am going to do just that. My mental health is key, my growth as a creative, my life.

I get that we all love a good joke, we love to have a laugh to take the stress off most times and it’s been a heavy year all round but certain things have gone all too long because I have ignored it most times and after a while a perception is born, my legacy is important to me.

I have given 10 years of my life working in the media, I know how important the media is but last week looking at what the media has become made me feel ashamed, has it really come to this? Are we really not bothered about investigative journalism, are we that lazy?

Anyone with a phone can literally type anything under the name of “Anonymous” and the media run with it without verifying, without contacting both parties and even when it comes out as false do we just move on to the next damage? This has to stop.

The energy you put in to spreading false stories should be the same energy you use to clarify and retract same stories but over the years I have become an easy target and this has to stop.

The account that started the vicious rumor on here deleted the tweets but I have reported to the police and an investigation is going on as I type, things are going to get very interesting, perhaps you gather all your coins cos I will buy that house in banana island

Freedom of speech is great but what happens after is going to be amusing too. Have a blessed week everyone and I hear @tmbeautyonline is live”



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