Lol. Student proposing to a student! Oh well..To much excitement perhaps.

A student of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) proposed to his longtime girlfriend (also a Funaabite) at Motion Ground within the school premises last week.

The girl who wore matching native attire with her man -was reportedly shy after the shock proposal but of course, she said YES. Congrats to them.


But Nigerians are saying they should face their books instead of planning engagement!



  1. Nigerians should learn to mind their business. its a welcome development. guys should learn how to propose to their gal friend early enough, not wasting their time after sleeping with them

  2. Wish them the best, One thing we should know is that everyone wanna do what makes him or her happy , they know each other real good for the guy to be able to do this , Let him be , Na his cross , They should enjoy, Although some ladies have turn themselves to handcuffs by this engagement of a thing LOL.

  3. only pussies stick to some highschool or college love…common there is more life out there after graduation…hit on as much chicks as possible before you get married….. except you are so afraid of what’s out there after graduation lol life doesn’t end there

  4. Face which book? What’s life after u graduate 1st class and yet u are riding Keke napep? What’s the book, when after u worked so hard, burn candles, go for lectures and yet u don’t graduate, as a lady cuz that lecturer wants u in bed? There is more to academics. One can’t tell or guarantee his or her tomorrow. When life presents itself as an opportunity, take it, embrace and love it… That boy u see on his knees today may have secured a future for himself and this lady so I expect us to applaud him cuz he’s no longer a boy but a man who wants to to make that girl a woman, his woman and future for a better tomorrow they will crave for.

  5. How I wish I propose to Oluchi back then in school,now she is married……They told me that Education is key to success,only for me to finish school and see that government have changed the padlock….

  6. Social media is the last platform I will ever come to seak for idea. Is a place that a person comment something like (fool ) under a post and the next person that send his comment will first read other person’s comments and when he finds ouf that many sends tinx like Fool, idiot, animal, maloo goat etc the next thing you see him is to send one like MUMU maybe he didn’t even read the post. So my dear no need asking everybody if it is profitable to marry your undergraduate student, if you can only combine both school and the relationship that will not make you not to be focus on your studies that’s my own because if come here again around 3 years time tell us that the gal u wanted to marry and we advise u not to but focus on your studies first that the gal is married happily with 3 kids that ever since then you haven’t seen any suitable woman to marry ehn this same group of persons will turn around and ask u y no marry am dat time shay u wan play wel wel b4 u marry u don see am nah abi no be casting?

  7. Which book,for this Nigeria where after spending yrs in sch ,if you are fortunate enough to get a job,your monthly salary can not buy a bag of rice and according to the scriptures:He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
    And obtains favor from the Lord.(Pro. 18:22),So congrats to them.


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