Awele & Ademola got married a few weekends ago and our dear photographer Seun Kilanko covered the event.

“This is a couple who is truly in love. Awele is an epitome of simplicity and with a very bright spirit. Her smile is so contagious. Ademola on the other hand is one groom with an overload of swags.


Shooting their wedding was fun in all sense of it. A cool, calm and collected couple like is all a photographer prays for. Enjoy.” he told us!

Here is the story of how they met:
From the Bride (Awele) –


The first time I met him was in part One in OAU Architecture. He walked up to me after the year dinner and told me he was going to take me home to his mama, lol! But that was because I had just received the award ‘take home to mama’ at the dinner.

We became friends after with him being a matchmaker a couple of times,*grin!*

By the time we were registering for our masters, it felt different with him, we got closer and practically spent the whole two years as study partners, eating and spending too much time together, friends didn’t believe we were just friends (hahahaha! really who were we kidding?).

After school he moved to lagos (whoop! whoop!) to my surprise as he initially wanted to settle in abj. And we started officially thereafter (come to think of it, I don’t think he waited for my answer to his ‘will you be my girlfriend?’ Smh, I almost chocked on my ice cream and we laughed ourselves to tears)


He got back from the UK early last year and I was very eager to see him; he had been quiet all through his trip and wasn’t calling as often, so I was ready to go read him the riot act as soon as I sighted him, only for him to cut me short.

He wanted to take me back to my place immediately! I hadn’t spent up to 30mins and I was only just about to dish it out, oh I wanted to wipe the smirk off his face all through the drive home.

He not only dropped me, he went in and had a long talk with my mum. The sleuth in me was blinded by confusion, I immediately friend (who already knew what was happening, by the way) she was so sure I was blowing things out of proportion, I was not liking any of it.


He went home without a word and later called to talk to me some days later and insisted I came over, so I went ready. I didn’t see it coming: he saw me, came out to the sitting room, knelt and opened the box and I had to be held as I leapt to the door. I didn’t say yes until I had finished crying, taken ice cream and called my mum and friends!


From the groom (Ademola) –


“It was in the year 2006, crossing from Medical school to the Department of Architecture in the previous year was the toughest decision I had to make and inspite of the hard work and focus my transition required, I noticed a beautiful young lady, gentle as a morning dew, so good looking like a quiet sunset. However, like I said, I had to focus.


In 2007, the moment I had she was crowned “Miss Take-home-to-mama” at an award ceremony the precious night, I walked up to her and teased her; “Hmmmmm…I’m gonna take you home to mama”… (and the angel of goodwill passed).

In 2010, we met again during the course of our registration for Masters in Architecture, where we assisted each other, and that friendship and companionship lasted throughout our entire 2 years of Masters study period.


Fast forward 6 years, she became a great colleague, amazing friend who could sacrifice anything for me, my best friend who kept every secret and never judged, my girlfriend who loved unconditionally and forgave completely in our trying times, my fiancee who my goals and visions, and now my loving wife, which is the greatest gift I could have ever asked of God. I’m yet to come to my consciousness as this still feels like a dream. I’m married to my best friend…what a wonderful feeling!”


We wish the beautiful couple a happy married life!













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