A Nigerian Gay man who fell victim to “one-chance” operators has narrated his horrific encounter in the hands of ‘one-chance’ criminals.

Narrating the horrible encounter, the young man said, he boarded a bus on Jan 6 and shortly after the journey began, he realised he was with criminals.

They asked for his phone, bag and other personal belongings and beat him up while the bus was in motion.

They then went through his phone and the torture worsened when they discovered he’s gay.

He said they went as far as kidnapping him and calling his loved ones for ransom.

Read his full narration of the horrible experience below.

6th January 2021, I entered into the wrong hands. I almost lost my sight.

Looking back on how it happened almost two weeks ago, all I could say is a big THANKS to my supreme being.

I boarded a bus, unbeknownst to me I immediately became a Deer in the mouth of Lions.

I was asked to submit my phone, before I could say a word, a resounding slap landed on my face directly on my eyes.

I was still trying to understand what was happening to me on that Wednesday evening when one of these guys took my bag and started taking my belongings out.

I tried screaming for help, but my mouth was already sealed.

I was taken to a building under construction. I had no option but to give these guys my phone details.

They collected my credit card. When I refused giving out my bank details, more beatings happened to me.

Already, one of them was going through my pictures and WhatsApp chats and stickers, and as it should be, the flamboyantly Gay me on my WhatsApp chats was starring them hard in the face. That was when their HOMOPHOBIC being came alive.

They slapped my eyes so hard, called me names. It was so much on me that evening.

One of them went to the nearby ATM and withdrew all of my little savings.

They made a nasty video of me naked calling me derogatory names. I’m still surprised I haven’t seen the video anywhere online.

They chatted some of my contacts via WhatsApp asking for money.

Called my dad and demanded for ransom. I was literally kidnapped.

Already, my face had swollen and it was already dark. I saw hell.

I was released around 10pm after spending almost 6 hours with them in terror.

I left with nothing.

With the help of the bike man I saw on the road at that time, I called home with his phone to tell them of my release.

For more than a week, I couldn’t use my eyes, light reflection was punishment to me. Although I’m better now, I still use Shades.

I had to block my lines three days later. The trauma was so much on me I couldn’t get myself do anything.

Few days ago, my sister told me no one ate that night. My family was severely traumatized.

Yesterday was the first day I left home since the incident.

Well, I’m glad I survived that ugly experience.

I’ll be off here for awhile till I get a new phone. I had to borrow kid brother’s phone to tell my story.

Thanks you all for the so many messages in my DM, I love you am.

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