Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, has reacted to the arrest of more than 100 suspected homosexuals accused of being involved in a gay wedding in Delta state.

Earlier today, the spokesperson of the command, DSP Bright Edafe, paraded the suspects at the police headquarters in Asaba.

According to him, the suspects were allegedly holding a gay wedding at a hotel in the state, when they were apprehended.

Taking to her Instagram page, she stated that the suspects had not committed an offense grave enough to be paraded.

According to her, they have not hurt or killed anyone with their lifestyle, and it is not a sin to live like them, so they deserve to be left alone.

She wrote;

“Leave these people alone.
They did not kill, steal or harm anyone.
They are not the cause of Nigeria’s demise and predicaments. Let them live their lives.
You that are busy committing fraud, sleeping around with married men and women, lying etc
You are no better than these folks living their lives.
Until many of you work in the medical field and understand the mechanisms behind sexual orientation, you will continue to live by the preachings of hate many con artist who call themselves pastors have poured into you as preachings.

I laugh at the stupidity of some Nigerians who still believe that sin has categories and being
“gay” is the worst of.. You are only deceiving yourself. In the eyes of God, sin is sin and many of you indulge in worst sins.
I have a poignant question for you Nigerians, Do you think God will give you trophy if you harm or kill any of these people he created in his image and likeness? You will be hailed for committing murder? And you think God will welcome you with his open arms?
What most of you practice is not
Christianity, you are practicing hate and bigotry. If for any reason you think this is a
“western culture ” being brought to Nigeria, then you are the most ignorant of them all.
Hold your politicians and pastors accountable for the anger and poverty you are facing and leave these people alone to live In Peace.
This is not an endorsement of how they live their lives, rather this is about their humanity.
Let them be gay”

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