A 44-year-old woman named Eyii and a resident of Kparekpare a suburb of Dambai, Krachi East constituency met her ultimate death after a snake bit her vagina.

According to the husband of the deceased, Aziagome Akuvi who’s a peasant farmer in the community, he and his wife were returning home from their farm when she asked him to wait as she attends to natures call in the bush.

He continued that while patiently waiting for his late wife who was squatting and easing herself, he heard her suddenly shouting for help only to rush to her aid to see her bitten by a snake at her vagina (c*litoris).

The troubled and confused husband sensing that the snake bit on his wife was a spiritual attack, in a bid to save the life of his dying wife, then put her on his bicycle and rushed her to a fetish priest for spiritual intervention and herbal treatment.

However she unfortunately didn’t survive the snake bite and later died at the fetish priest’s home.

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    • Dem say she dey come from farm with her husband and tell her husband she’s press to go pooh inside bush and snake bite her vj where she squat to pooh. Try and pooh inside bush and see if snake will not grab your ass

  1. I try to avoid discussing this; it appears that once it comes to marriage, girls lose their senses to the air. Marriage is supposed to provide a companionship where a girl leaves her parents house to join the husband and build a fresh family. How does a girl take part in marriage all alone without the presence of the man? It still not making any marriage sense to me, make una no vex o…

  2. it could be true. I shared a story and pic in my wasap where a snake was seen in a toilet bucket,it brings its head up eager to bite any victim that doesn’t look well. pls try put a cut of salt in Ur toilet bucket at least once a month. snakes and other poisonous creatures go through sucker pit pipelines to the buckets. tnx

  3. right from the beginning, woman and snake get personal relationship wai even man no fit understand…. the snake see hand, he no bite, he see face, he no bite, he see leg, he no bite, he even see Bobby, but no still bite….. na that hidden place he enter wai human being no see…. she bn dai sleep when the snake come shine her Congo ni?? RIP anyways if na true ooo

  4. Yessssss. Remember wen diz snake came bfor. The snake only gave an apple and walk away without touching or kissing now the snake have come back to reap wr he sow the last time he came. Lols

  5. Na wa ooo, some people will just be commenting without opening the link. She went to farm with her husband, on their way home, nature called, she went inside the bush to do her busy when a snake bit her.

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