This young lady was reportedly abducted for the purpose of rituals by some boys in a tinted car yesterday. Thankfully she was saved by some Hausa people, when she was about to be butchered in Obiaruku bush.

According to Ossai Ovie Success who shared the story on facebook the lady is from Obiaruku, Ukwani LGA, Delta State. See more photos below:

Ossai is the P.A to Delta State Governor.

See His Post Below with more photos:

This young lady was taken by some boys yesterday, with tinted car, she was saved by some Hausa people, when she was about to be butchered in Obiaruku bush.
See story
This lady is from Obiaruku, Ukwani LGA, Delta State.
Cases like this has happened in Obiedike sometime ago, another happened in Obiaruku before now.






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  1. Saved by Hausas..

    Shows that we all are first of all humans before we are our race, tribe, ethnicity, tongue, dialect or religion.

    I am happy for her life. I hope the perps get caught and tried accroding to the justice system of the jungle.

  2. Some of them na lift they use to enter instead of taxi . ..they used to say sir Along please. If a taxi asked are you going? They will say see his dirty motor. Girls shine your eyes because all that glitters are not Gold

  3. Even if she went for runs,does it mean she is the worst being? Killing for money is evil bcos no one has the right to take another person’s for any reason. U r saying she likes money, as if u help those around u to prevent them from going after men bcos of money. Don’t judge her!

  4. Stop it she was not saved by Hausa men she was saves by my best friend named Oyibo who was at my place this morning, telling me about the whole story and how the girl was adopted by a member of dragon 7 patrol team of the obiruko abraka express way. Well know officer who claimed this girl went and slept with his friend and for that reason he must make sure she don’t see tomorrow which is today treating her he has killed some many girls in the past and he must make sure she is dead that night, but God saved her with my friend and a man who is a vigilante in a slaughter ground at old Benin road to marcaty between obiaruko and abrak. This devilish act was done by a police officer but its been covered by the abraka police force who was called to rescue this seen yesterday . save our girls please and expose the evil once…

  5. We are demanding for justice, we the youth of Abraka kingdom are strongly demanding to know what action has been taking by the police. The kind hearted yourth of Abraka saved her is should be recorded by the obiaruko people in case of tomorrow.

  6. Don’t blame these guys too much blame!e the girls as well. Cos I believe dos guys didn’t just kidnap dem on d road.( Ohun ti oju n Wa lo ri) Girls of now a days want money at all cost so dey chose they yahoo bois instead of a responsible guy. Parent train ur girls nt to be to greedy.. Peace out

  7. Thank God she is safe.
    Do all these evildoers know nothing? They devour my people as though they eat bread; they never call on the Lord. But there they are overwhelmed with dread,for God is present in the company of the righteous. You evildoers frustrate the plans of the poor, but the Lord is their refuge. (Psalm of David 14:4-6)

  8. This is quite amazing, bravo to my brothers for saving this fellow Nigerian from being butchered by her her own brethrens. Another reason for those yelling to welcome more hausas into their land instead of blackmails. I’m more happy that she survived it.

    • This will not stop the fact that Hausa don’t value life … Ive been to the north before and wondered how people of other tribe avoiding them like wide animals…it was a strange experience…. Don’t make friends with an Hausa man coz they will kill u first.

  9. Is it only girls who like money or do runs dat are being kidnapped or used for rituals nawa o,ritualists are everywhere n can kidnap anybody ,wat of people who board bus n find their selves in anoda place,may d grace,mercy n protection of God never depart from Us in Jesus name

  10. The God that kept you till this day have a reason, its not bcos you are so beautiful or a shape girl its only by his grace and mercy , pls don’t abuse the grace of this second chance which God as given you, but return back in praise and make things right ,may God help

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