A Nigerian lady identified as @dearolaa on Twitter, has taken to the micro-blogging platform to challenge people seeking feminism in the Homefront.

According to her, everything about feminism is evil and it was never of God’s plan to make men and women equal.

The young lady stressed that men are not created to be looked down on by their partners as she advised wives to respect their husbands so that their home could grow well.

She also urged women to strike a balance between their homes and career.

Adeola tweeted;

“Feminism and what it stands for is of the devil. God didn’t create men and women equal. Feminist should stop the advocacy because it has brought so much bad things which shouldn’t be overlooked. Women now want to be head and men ain’t wired that way to take sh*t.

“They’re not wired that way. Support your man, be his fan, respect him then you will see him loving you and your home flourishing.



As a woman there should be a balance between your home and your career. Both can work.

“You can intentionally make it work. Stop the hatred and anger. Do the right thing because deep inside so many are not happy.

“We were created male and female.

“Don’t change the story. GM.”

See her tweet:

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