A Nigerian lady on Facebook, Ibiene Bato Martha Williams, in a post of hers, claimed that God hates anal and oral sex – according to her, the Holy Spirt ministered to her that married couples have been erring too when they have sex, as she deliberated on sexual purity for singles.

She claims that any part of the body which was not created as a sex organ, shouldn’t be used for sex. She also says that people who engage in such act, are comfortable with it because they’re yet to allow the Holy Spirit tutor them.

Read what she wrote:

“On Oral and Anal Sex
Romans, chapter 1:24,26,27,28
Yesterday we spent our time justifying the un-justifiable as I laid on my bed reading and taking the notes as the Spirit of God ministered to me.
First, let’s go back to primary school. The mouth is an organ of speech. The mouth is for eating. The tongue is for taste. The anus is for excretion.
Someone asked why I feel Jesus would be watching while a husband and wife copulates and the answer is because His Eyes Is Over Everything And Everyone.
While I was on the message for sexual purity for singles, the Holy Spirit made it clear to me that even the married have been erring in purity too.
Whether we agree or yes, oral sex and anal sex are against nature. The anus and the mouth are not sexual organs. You will argue over it because you’ve not allowed the Holy Spirit to tutor you on sexual purity.
God was not stupid when he made the penis and the vagina in us. Whatever form of sexual pleasure that you seek using your tongue on a woman’s vagina(as a man) and your tongue on a man penis(as a woman) is sin.

It goes the same way for anal sex.
You feel comfortable doing them because you’re yet to let the Holy Spirit tutor you.
Anal and oral sex are acts of sexual deviance.
You know what you’re doing is wrong when you start trying so hard to make a case in favor of it – just as the case was made by majority of us in favor of oral sex.
You’re against anal sex not because it’s scriptural but because it’s painful, right? So, since oral sex doesn’t come with any pain we’re good to go – that is an argument only a carnal minded Christian would come up with.

I’ll end this post with this:
You didn’t learn oral sex and anal sex from the Bible because you didn’t allow the Holy Spirit teach you on those scriptures above.
You don’t put food in your ears, you pass it through your mouth. Why didn’t you argue that they are both body opening?
The tongue is not meant to give you sexual pleasure, it’s meant for taste. The mouth is for speech and for eating. The anus of for excretion.
Galatian 5:16 until we walk in the Spirit, we will keep justifying things that the Holy Spirit is against.”


And some Nigerians have reacted:

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