Akande Thomas shared an experience of an MMM participant who claims God rejected his tithe from MMM earnings and clearly told him Christians involved in the scheme have had their names removed from the book of life.

Read what he shared below:

When I was initially introduced to MMM, I went to God in prayer to seek for HIS approval. HE clearly told me that I cannot engage in it because those Christians involved in the scheme have had their names removed from the book of life.

I was seriously troubled and at the same time afraid as I prayed passionately. As soon as I finished praying, I thought within myself ‘could this voice restraining me be of God?’. Just as I was meditating, another voice came saying; ‘It can not be of God but rather from the devil trying to tie you down in perpetual poverty for the rest of your life.’ So I quickly neglected the former voice for the latter.

I decided to try the scheme with 250k. At the month end, I was so happy when I saw the return of the investment.

Could life had been better than this? God punish the devil that would’ve restrained me from this ‘bumper harvest’. Then I decided to pay my tithe. Just as I was planning to make the withdrawal, God ministered to me – ‘I don’t have anything to do with such money.’ I broke down in tears regretting what I have done in disobeying God. I pleaded for forgiveness of which I know HE has mercifully answered. I closed my MMM account but till now I don’t just know what to do with the money God has rejected.

I’m sharing this as a result of the concern for the brethren in this last days. Though some people may decide to be asking rhetoric questions but I believe serious minded Christians will go to God to also hear from HIM

More From him:

CBN says its(MMM) a ponzi scheme (an investment swindle in whichsome early investors are paid off with money put up by later ones inorder to encourage more and bigger risks – From Miriam Webster dictionary i.e ‘rubbing Peter to pay Paul’) which is very true. World bank warned the masses to desist from the ponzi scheme.

The law makers are investigating the scheme and threatened to arrest its canvassers. Some ‘Christians’ are agitating and saying some negative things against the gov’t. Some also want Jesus to either come down himself or looking for those who will show them where Jesus condemn ponzi scheme in the holy scriptures.

The truth is by the time the whole system collapses whether now or next 134years(as some people have blindly calculated), all the gains must be catered for by the losses.

Then the question I will have for those Christians and Pastors that will be jubilating because of their gain (while the losers are mourning) will be – “Do you really believe Jesus is happy when others are ‘robbed’ to pay you return?” I believe we need to be watchful in these last days.



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