An Italian artist, Maurizio Cattelan has built for the Guggenheim museum in New York, a fully functional toilet made entirely of gold. The 18-carat masterpiece was on exhibition at the museum before it became open for public access.

The artist has named his work ‘America’ and has said that his interactive art piece is about reminding the people of the world of their “inescapable physical realities of our shared humanity.”

The Guggenheim museum situated on the famous Fifth Avenue in New York has said that piece is about making extravagant luxury product intended for the ‘one percent’ available to the public.

Visitors to the museum are freely allowed to use the seat, they only have to pay the standard museum admission fee and off they go! The 55-year-old sculptor Cattelan, is the son of a truck driver who hails from Milan and has stated that the inspiration for his work comes from the economic inequality in society and want to flush away the financial unfairness.

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