A young lady has become an internet sensation after she was captured in a video criticizing a video vixen over the kind of outfit she had on.

The clip that was shared on TikTok captured the little girl speaking to the model about how indecent her outfit is.

The video vixen who was recorded posing for pictures and videos was wearing a shiny short and a revealing crop top.

She could be heard trying to persuade the little girl that it was required of her to dress this way because of her type of job.

Unconvinced by the excuse she gave, the little girl went on to ask her if her job required her to expose her body this much and how the view was unsuitable for her.

In response to her question, the model apologized to the little girl and promised to stay out of her face till her shoot was over.

Below are some of the comments;

@cfc_clevs:  I don’t have problem with the lady, but the Omo werey guy in background encouraging rubbish. For the young girl, she gave me hope of believing that next generation will have people that will keep the community sane.

@LoveNemesisX:  We also have to give credit to the lady in the video for being respectful to the kid’s opinion. She was a little embarrassed but still did everything to be calm through it all. 7 out of 10 ladies would get defensive at the utterance of the kids even as sincere as it sounds.

@MrAnuoluwapo:  Super proud of the little girl. Good to know the lady acknowledged the girl’s feeling and decided to leave. Now I’m ashamed of the bros in the video. Agbaya

Watch the video below,


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