Legio Maria Church is an African-initiated church among the Luo people of western Kenya who believe they are the only ones who will go to heaven.

They remove six lower teeth from their members to help God identify them easily in heaven when they finally cross over to the other side, so as to avoid going to hell.

Baba Simeo Lodvikus Melkio is the eternal spiritual leader and mediator of Legion Maria who they worship as a black messiah, claiming that he was Jesus Christ reincarnated in African skin.

Members of the Legio Maria movement are similar to Catholics and believe in the central role of Mary as ‘queen’ and ‘mother’.

The reactions that trailed this expose are however condemning as netizens fail to see it as an authentic religion. Read:

@Jompe Ola-Vincent Godwin: If God has blessed you with a common sense, always endeavor to thank and praise him all the time… Coz common sense that is expected for every man to have, millions don’t have it.

@Anthony Etok: Some people’s sickness are beyond medication and not everyone you see is normal.

@Faramade Omowumi: Only God knows who did this to Africa I just hope the man of the yeye god also removed his own teeth ooo if not they should force him and use hammer to remove it

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