Jonathan Reserve

Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, is currently at the ‘Kenya Games Reserve, enjoying the Summer vacation with his family.

He and his family have been in the Eastern side of Africa for a while now. See Mama Peace at the Background! Shout Out to Mama Peace… We Miss You!!!! Lol

Another photo below:

Jonthan Vacat


  1. Shebi you don steal naija money finish..why won’t you have enough to go on vacation…Lion suppose pounce on you for there…yeye man

    • Comfort,..or what do you call yourself? I don’t think you are mentally comfortable at all….if you are not comfortable with my comment,..then you can go to hell…after all ,jonathan nor be your papa.

  2. Yes! The former President chose the right destination for his and family vacation. Kenya is the only place that one can see wild animals in their natural habitat. We welcome you all! Karibuni nyote!

  3. No such a reserve called “Kenya Game Reserve”. Check your info properly and do not behave like CNN.

  4. enjoy yourself jare and may God protect you and your family from lazy haters, psalm 23, psalm 3l psalm 9l is your portion, our own man (notin do u at al) carry on my dear because God will make your haters your footstool in jesus name AMEN. one love

  5. This is the reason why he did not argue or fight his defeat so that he can enjoy his looted billions. I guess his followers does not know,cos they won’t be calling him hero of democracy if they know he’s only be wise.

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