A video shared on TikTok by @ofurae has captured two passengers clashing over the type of music to be played on the bus.

Both of them who occupied the vehicle’s front seat were seen playing different songs from their devices and singing along.

Their behavior resulted in a chaotic scene as none of them could freely sing along to the music being played, inconveniencing others in the process.

The driver could be seen apologizing to the other passengers while pleading with them to decide on which music they wanted to listen to.

They both ignored his plea and continued lip-syncing to their song, after seeing that no one was ready to turn off their music for the other.

While some netizens found the video hilarious others shared that they wouldn’t be comfortable if they were in the same vehicle with the loud passengers.

Below are some of the reactions from internet users;

@chefdordor:  The kingdom of darkness vs The kingdom of God

@life_of_homa:  This is obviously PH “Dey Gbam” and “Oint na Ph slang 

@itz_femy:  Normally people who sits in front of buses think they have made it in life and as if the rest us sitting at the back no get life and under privileged

@thestudentconnecttv:  Na the innocent people wey dey that bus I dey pity, una just dey spoil their eardrum

Watch the video below,

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