A wedding was called off after the bride let her dreams for her wedding make her lose her humanity.

A wedding planner shared the story of the cancelled wedding on NotAlwaysRight.com as she opened up about the worst wedding she has ever worked on.

The wedding planner said the problems all started when the bride’s sister fell pregnant. She said the sister had been trying for a baby for three years before finally conceiving.

But when the bride found out about the pregnancy, she kicked her sister out of the wedding party and banned her from being a bridesmaid, saying:

“Well, then, I guess you can’t be in my wedding, because I don’t want to deal with the problems your pregnancy will cause.”

One of the problems she stated was having to alter the dress to fit her sister’s “inconvenient” baby bump.

Groom cancels wedding
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The sister eventually had to leave without a word when the bride wouldn’t stop throwing a fit.

A few months later, things changed for the worse as the sister lost the baby.

Recalling the awful day, the planner explained: “Bridezilla and Bridezilla’s mom are with me and Bridezilla’s mom gets a phone call.

“Bridezilla’s mom excuses herself and left to answer.

“She spends most of the meeting on the phone. Towards the end, Bridezilla’s mom comes back, slowly putting her phone away. It looks as though she’s been crying.”

The bride’s mother then informed the bride that her sister had a miscarriage. But the bride’s reaction shocked everyone.

The bride reportedly said:

“Oh. Well, I guess she can be in my wedding, then, since she’s not pregnant anymore.”

Her comment outraged her mother, whose reaction the wedding planner describes as “absolutely terrifying”.

“I have never seen something snap behind another person’s eyes before,” she admitted.

The bride’s mother immediately told the wedding planner in a “deadly calm voice” that they won’t be needing her services any more because she no longer wishes to pay for her daughter’s wedding.

The bride was shocked by her mother’s words and began screaming and panicking but that didn’t move the mother. Then 24 hours later, the wedding was cancelled completely as the groom said he no longer wishes to marry her after hearing what she did.


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