…and Here’s the tweet I woke up to!

A guy on Twitter has come out to boldly say any Nigerian Girl using an iPhone is automatically a she obviously didn’t buy the phone with her hard-earned money! He claims it’s always a “man” who gets the expensive phones for the ladies.!

Na wa!




  1. Don’t blame him he must have seen different level of poverty in da women around him so much so he can tell da difference when a hard working loaded girl decides to buy herself an iPhone hmmmm big deal……

  2. Let girls here calm down to me d guy is saying d fact,but let’s base it on average of 90% girls fall into d category….d remaining 10 are d bouyant ones DAT doesn’t depend on guys for anytin…..just dat gehs in our society av caused so many tinzzzz

  3. This guy is crazy do u think all girls are lazy wise up dearie not all girls depend on guys money to get phone ok …..Things has change wake up from your memory lane dude….may be u also depend on yahoo yahoo business mchwww

  4. its a vice versa matter.d way a man(sugar daddy) spends extravagantly on a young woman is d same way a woman(sugar mummy) prefers to lavish her own money on a young d game is a norm in every dépends on wen God chooses to provide ur own MUGU for u to suck their pockets dry.

  5. I dont blame you,is cus you cant get it
    as far as am concern am using iphone and is my elder brother dat bought it for me as my 19th year birthday bro you re wrong
    maybe dat waf your sisters do or your gurlfnds,slip wif guys for iphone.oh dey dump you for a guy who can afford it for wonder

  6. He got some nerve talking crap about women cos its only gonna get worse for him about the shit load of insult he’s gonna receive from the female folk right here…even though there are really quite a number of self sufficient and highly independent Chics, some are damn right parasitic! Just imagine a girl i met on a bus on a 2-hr journey and got her to agree on a date in two days time, she called me up a day later to send her money for hairdo and make up and worse still recharge card to enable her make the date…LWKM!!!

  7. No insult taken, but contrary to what u may think… I work part time for a firm, come home by 2 to sow clothes for my clients cos am also a fashion designer… I stay awake most nyts just to meet up with deadlines of wen to supply the cloths I make but I still go to work d next day just to ensure I also have monthly income… N jus to push ur button a Lil… I just ventured into farming… Now tell me, is dat hustling not enough hustling to b termed a ‘hustle’?

  8. Oloshi! When all your sisters are prostitutes. Don’t ever write all ladies are sluts, cos your sisters can’t afford doesn’t mean other ladies can’t. Respect ladies, Respect Women, Respect Female gender. #I’m a guy for.your info.

  9. Sometimes the truth maybe so so bitter, but this is true to an extent.40% of Nigerian girls r hardworking enuf n can afford iPhone but 60% wich is majority may be as true as wat he said…

  10. don’t blame him, he used all his. savings to buy iphone 6s for his last bae who later dump him bcos he couldn’t recharge the phone for her! anyways e no easy make girl use money buy dat kind phone oo to say the truth, e dey pain die but some working class lady can afford it and those from a rich family can get it as gifts from relatives but kpako babe like me still a student drinking garri for breakfast kon dey use iphone wey I no know wetin I go chop for lunch na thief man touch dem need to take search to find out the story behind it! #Enopure

  11. Jacob Osaro Onaiwu ur girlfrd may not b able to survive without ur money o… But it doesn’t mean dat attitude of hers will make u define all girls. Some of us enjoy making our money… Do u know d joy we derive wen we get an alert n we know it’s from something we worked very hard for?

  12. Guy abeg park well, what do u mean by dat,we hv rich working class ladies,who dnt depend on men, we also hv rich kid’s, so what are u saying.probably u any hang around low class girls for u to hv dis impression. Dammm

  13. Your insulting your fellow girls for no reasons.May be your not appealing to big boys that’s why you haven’t getting anything for free from reasonable guys.keep working hard without feeling the beauty love.Something is missing in your life girl.

  14. Lol…..u mean no girl in dis country actually av a gud job wit big pay!? Or we no longer av rich parents who can afford it for their daughters?? Come warri make I show u big girls for oil companies…dull boy. .maybe ur sisters sef dey sleep around Dats y u say so…

  15. Paul Sunday… I’d suggest u get a dictionary n find d meaning of ‘insult’ before u reply my comment.
    N if what is missing in my life is me being appealing to big boys? My dear I’d forever remain a plain girl… N work my way through success.

    Thanks though… I wasn’t brought up to enjoy freebies from men… I shd blame my parents for dat ba? I hustle like a man cos I was raised neva to depend on one.
    So yeah, being appealing to rich dudes or not won’t add a dime to my bank account no matter what.

    • Though they earn much….. It is natural for ladies to need stuffs as such from their guys. Unless the guy isn’t financially okay. For ladies who date financially stable guys and they themselves are stable, it is always natural for them opting for such from their guys though they may have they capacity to get themselves

  16. @Gracephine Nwachukwu, forget about your pretending and bragging, no matter how hard you hustling, without help of men you can’t achieve anything, you will only convince gullibles in your begging, 99% of women depends on a man to buy them expensive things even if she had the money or bought it,men contributed 99%.women believe in use what you have to get what you want. What kind of hustle are talking about, how much is your salaries?

  17. He guy didn’t say our girls cannot hustle, rather he said they can’t but iphone with their money and rightly so, the almighty Gracephine sincerely said she too cannot afford to spend her hard earned money on iphone rightnow..

  18. Though we have hardworking and successful ladies ,so it’s Not all but most girls that are using big phones are confirmed Runs girl.A girl who has no job ,that comes from a poor home,not on any salary scale ,using phone of 400,000 na confirm ashawo.

  19. Sylvermentor Ezeh did u just write 99 percent? Where did u get ur statistics from??? From d female around u? I’d suggest u change ur environment n ur clique of friends just to see that women re making waves too… U sed I can’t achieve anything without d help of men? It’s dat suppose to b a curse? U need to upgrade ur reasoning n realise dat we re not living in the past again… Where women cross their leg n wait for someone to com n marry dem…Look around u… While u re at it… Take a note pad n re evaluate ur statistics…. U may b our demigods but u re not our gods… Our happiness is not entwined to urs… Anyone with a focus will make it with or without ur help…

  20. Mumu poverty stricken yarns..

    Na these type dey yarn things like anybody that owns a Bentley must have gotten his wealth illegally..

    Poverty na real disease wey dey even affect brain cells..

  21. Gracephine, pls keep doing what you believe in and i can assure u the sky is just the beginning for you. My fellow male on this thread pls lets encourage and appreciate her though life is all about the both sexes helping each other out. Then to Mr poster, u are not wrong at all, women see such gifts from their male partner as a thing of pride and evidence of love for the women no matter how rich they are. I will gladly buy such for my spouse as long as i can afford it.

  22. I’m not surprised cos Itz a common belief dat all well dressed ladies too are into prostitution in naija…. Hmmm
    Dear poster there are lots of naija babes dat does well with their hard earned money.
    So, u are insinuating wrongly

  23. Hehehehe… So if I buy iPhone with my salary nw am a proustite? Your brain is just blind … If your sisters depend on men,my dear 50% of our girls are out dia in d capital market making money. Offices.. Or don’t u see mejority of d banks are all girls, ..wake up dude

  24. Gracephine Nwachukwu thank you for ur good Response but a question for you.. Can you iPhone 7 for yourself with your own money which you get from your hustle with smiles😊 on your faces ?

  25. That’s a wrong thing to say, I use a very expensive fone, I bought it with my savings, cos I love it. Stop looking down on hardworking ladies. Guys like you depend on rich girls for their livelihood. That’s why you opened that your adulterated mouth to say such a thing. Oniranu

  26. @GracephineNwachukwu.let us forget all this bragging, can you mention one of the hustling that can make woman to afford I phone with smiles on her face with her hard earn money, forget about twisting this issue, because we never say women can’t buy it, but how did the women make the money without men contributed to it.

  27. Gosh! Where did they bring u from Pluto? Don’t u have female bosses at ur place of work? Re u trying to tell me dat d male gender earns more than the female gender in every working firm? Dude I don’t even understand u #swear_down

  28. Guys like to impress/show love by buying their babes quality material things, mostly on their birthdays, vals etc. …which justify his word 70% that “expensive phone are bought for ladies by men’. But the fact that he did not/ doesn’t have capacity to buy iphone for people doesn’t mean he should spill out nonsense that all ladies that use iphone are prostitutes. That is a derogating statement to your fellow human.

  29. When a weak man opens his mouth to talk u will now I know that he cannot afford an iPhone so its hurting him.what a weakling. When iphone 1 came out what did u say? Mumu.they just talk anyhow. He’s such a looser.eyaa

  30. how much is dis iphone self,is it up to 5m?……to mr poster i belive u r talking from what is happing around you,but for ur information,there r thousand of ladies out there who can afford more than phones….thanks

  31. I will agree with you when you say university girls; secondary school girls. Or non working class ladies. Personally I have been using I phone 7 since Xmas USA vacation. Bought with my money. And it is not my 1st;2nd;3rd expensive phone and will never be my last. My friend Kate olotu bought two. With her cash as well. It is all about class and taste. So what is your take on this.

  32. Insults raining here….. dude go wash your head…. but seriously speaking 80% ladies get there whatever from men while 20% are rich enough to get It themselves…….. I use a blackberry Q5……. who cares!!!!! If I see person wey go buy iphone I go collect am nah…… but I can’t beg for it or ask for it….. am okay with what I got.. (suru ati ete lo run)

  33. I don’t understand, you see a girl driving a good car, she must have gotten it from a sugar daddy, she lives in a decent apartment, one alahaji must have paid for it. She has an I phone, it must have been a gift from a man. She has a good job, she got through bottom power. Haba, do you hate success that much. The fact is that she has one and you don’t, work hard and get one. Most of the women I know, are independent women working hard every day to achieve their dreams.

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  35. Some girls are hard working…some are depending on there boy friends..but the true is dat women can not take there hard earn money to buy iPhone, except runs girls..that get there money from men or there bf buys..for dem.

  36. Some guys could be annoying just imagine this disgrace to manhood bros their are girls who work in oil companies who are heavily paid and u here disturbing the social network well I don’t blame u Its ur level ur in

  37. Well there is a little truth in what he is saying, 4opercnt girls can afford it while 60perc depends on men, Atimes truth is bitter,in my nature of business I hv seen girls nd studied them nd noticed that majority depends on men

  38. Frustrated Frustrating frustration has change some guys mentality in fact girls who own iPhone are girls who work with their pen and energy, now in case u don’t know dangote is not the richest in Africa their are hiding richest men who out of political frustration don’t wnt to be known, so my bros even without men, women can own big things than iPhone

  39. IPhone ke? If dem give me as gift will collect but for me to count 100k buy phone never. Not to talk of 500k. Phone na phone even oyinbo wey dey produce expensive phones dont use it. With 500k i will buy a good set of gold and be wearing even after 10years nothing go do am. I can sell it in d future when d value increases and add to my business. Im using a 20k London used android right nw. Am i not browsing? If na coz of iPhone camera im not pictures freaked.

  40. Abi ooh @ Uzuazo Ekwedi Emebu…. I have someone working with one of those famous Airlines, if you see her beautiful house in kado estate Abuja, many guys can’t even afford such house,are u telling me such girl wont get i phone7? Men really need someome to tell them its not all girls who wait for ther small money ,

  41. Free world meaning free talk or fowl talk. Ladies in general hate being talk down on. So this isn’t personal is we buy good tins and set tins up for ourselves. Men dis days should watch their tongues cos that guy ve a poor mindset about ladies

  42. Useless post,so u think all girls re like ur sisters?let me start frm my daughter,she is a hard working baby which i always look the way she hustle especially when she’s in need of something i can’t afford for dat period,u will kw dat mixing of floor for egg roll and meatpie is very easy,so mind hw u talk about girls

  43. I don’t agree with him.
    Although, roughly about 75% of Nigeria girls depends on men(through prostitution) to buy expensive phones. Some might have the money in a legal or genuine way but will find it difficult to release about 200k to buy phone because women naturally spend wisely. This is where men come in to buy it for them as a gift. Not that they cannot afford it.
    On the other hand, about 25% (including Linda Ikeji) do legal work to earn millions of naira and can buy any expensive phone, car or house without thinking twice.

  44. The truth behind this matter is that a girl that’s working hard every morning, afternoon and evening and don’t depend on her parent not to talk of any man will never put her hands in her pocket and buy iphone, for what reason when there is Nokia Touch or if it’s for browsing, she can use her computer to get any information from the internet. Do you know what it’s means to bring almost 500k just for phone not to talk of house rent and other bills. She will first of all calculate her monthly expenditure and her salary before making that move. The truth might be so bitter but a real woman or girl will never take this personal because, she doesn’t depends on her parent not to talk of a guy or a man but those that take it personal are the ones that always demand a lot from her guy or man by saying, baby, i want this. To all the lazy girl or woman in naija, stop demanding a lot from your man, prove to him that you can make it without him or be someone that you want to be without him, step up your games by working hard and stop demanding. Kudos to all the hard working ladies or women in naija, keep moving, don’t stop, you are a step away from your success and prayer for you all is that, you will never lack anything in life, a real man will find you anywhere that you are. And for all the guys, stop giving her when she demands, encourage your girl to work hard, talk a real sense in to her and assure you that she will never regret accepting you as his lover or husband.

  45. No wonder that’s why your name is Hopewell. Continue hoping.I guess your one of those girls that hustle around and about. @ Ebere Hopewell Eze.Life could have been easier and fair to you and all these hustling to survive come to an end supposing your a good girl.

  46. Hmmm just passing by but can’t keep my mouth shout on this cause this guy saying this bullshit is totally insane and blind forded if u take a good look at him his type is always the ones depending on ladies and if at all his using iPhone then it must be a girl that bought it for him am not joking about this look at what his ugly mind is telling him and his the type that will use his sister to extract money from men i mean real men not men like him cause his an ideal workshop fuck u big time bastard u think we girls are not working had on our own i don’t depend on guys i work had for myself would have slapped u for this if u are close to me.

  47. Sorry young man, I believe this was a slip of tongue. There are hard working gals with decent jobs out there who pay their bills. Come to think of it can lots of guys buy girls iPhone? Wetin the gal been do for am? (That is the first thing that goes to mind) if u want to try ask any lady close to u to pretend to be a whore for few days and try approaching a man for iPhone, let’s c if he will buy her. No talk this kind thing again Jor….

  48. Please dear friends what this guy is saying here is not women been working or rich. Many women maybe rich but 95% of them can’t spend their money on expensive things except the money comes from a man. They may have the money but they will still wait a man to come in.

  49. Ur very stupid;animal,for d fact dt ur sisters sleep around to get dr phones doesn’t mean dt make all ladies prostitute like them.its poverty mentality dt is disturbing u,ladies do buy phones of dr choice wt dr hard earn money if u dnt know,especially those of them dr r phone freak

  50. Women are breadwinner of some homes let alone common phone. Is this guy trying to say that women do not have income or what. If a woman can own a house or car, what then is a phone that she can not afford? I guess this guy is just seeking for attention or something is wrong with his brain. This guy’s brain is inflicted with embarrassing poverty.

  51. looking from his point of view he is right but very very wrrong of him to say no nigerian gls can afored expensive things with her own money, it’s just lk saying no nigeria man or guy that is useful or responsible so i don’t blam d gls for insulting him i blam him bec he didn’t think twice before puting dw his comments

  52. Liar my 2phones cost me N171k and I bought it with my hard earn money, no man contributed a dime, and for your information I pay my rent and also bought my car myself no nigga pays my bill. I work and earn my money.

  53. Dat guy get craze for head. I dnt depend on guys and I wart more dan iPhone 7 dat is 400k. But it just a waist of money I call it. Or money party. Lol. Dat guy is madden. Nonsense. To those dat depend on guys. I piri u. I no pity u.

  54. Hmmm, I agree n disagree with @versatileuc,but your choice of word and the use of it is bad , we all know in Nigeria 70% of ladies who uses expensive smart phones is as a result of gift from family n friends especially bfs… No crime in dat… And the 30% buy with thier personal money, note : not money from bfs or anybody , they work for d money… Loool


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