Popular Nigerian Hair vendor, Nwanneka Nkumah recently took to her social media page to give a narration on how her son, Sergei gave her the sum of N300 to support her in paying his school fees.

According to Nwanneka, Sergei said he has been seeing her working hard over time, so he decided to support her by giving her the little money he saved up.

Sharing the photo of the cash, she wrote ;

“So my first son Sergei brought this money to my room and handed over to me and said mom,because u always work hard, keep the money ,so that u can use it to pay my school fees in my new school cause I love my new school. oh lord! my heart , I just wish the school was this amount oooohh.

Shebi is to just relax and be chilling till September but we’ll I’ll just add this one to complete it. I wish I made a video of him. it was soo emotional”



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