Anita Joseph’s husband, MC Fish, has shared his opinion on the popular international celebration of Halloween and he’s bemoaned the fact that Nigerians do not celebrate their own  cultural festivals but are quick to jump on foreign ones.

He shared a photo of himself dressed as an Ifa Priest and wrote ;

#HALLOWEEN #HALLOWEEKEND funny how we celebrate Halloween here and we don’t usually celebrate some of our own cultural festivals only a few celebrate these festivals because of how they are still linked to their culture.

We as Africans should do more to embrace our heritage and our culture cause even the white man sef know say Africa get some unknown powers and they have been trying to understand and harness this power for ages . Bottom line is be proud to be African all round not just shouting Africa to the world and u know even know ur hometown a word is enough for the wise
My costume tonight represents how I feel Halloween should be celebrated with the inclusion of the African flavor 😁😁

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