A 21-year-old man who masquerades himself as a woman has been arrested by the police in Migori County, Kenya.

The crossdresser, identified as Jared Opiyo, was arrested on Monday, November 14, 2022, after the officers from Awendo Police Station noticed him in female attire, but his physique conspicuously bore male features.

He was then summoned, and after questioning him, it was discovered that he’s a man who from Homa Bay.

Nyatumba told the officers that he dresses like a woman because he has always possessed feminine traits since childhood.

“He alleges to be harbouring feminine feelings since childhood hence his choice of attire,” the police said.

According to the police, during the interrogation, news spread across the town of Awendo that the person who had allegedly been behind recent spate of serial killings in the area and who was said to sometimes disguised himself as a female had been arrested.

This prompted locals to storm the station in their hundreds demanding to be allowed to see the suspect.

“The suspect was shown to them through the report office window, but they insisted that he should be handed over to them for lynching,” the report read.

The enraged villagers went on a rampage after their demand to be handed the suspect was declined.

“17 motorcycles belonging to the rioters have also been impounded and are being kept at the station yard. The main impersonator has since been whisked away from the station and taken to Migori county CCIO’s offices,” the report added.

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