A video of some big boys from the Northern part of Nigeria has dazzled the public with their eccentric outfits.

On the recently gone Eid Mubarak celebration of the Muslims, the group of rich and savvy young men paraded the street in style as the crowd gawked at them.

The young men were dressed in all yellow and red outfits and in swag, they painted the town in red.

Viewers admire the peculiarity of the event and how the Northerners colorfully celebrate occasions. However, some opine that the outfit and vibe it is giving is that of ridiculousness.

They mock the localness of the whole charade. Read some of the comments curated:

Elizabetholu: The sallah celebration hot 😂

themelchannie: The abokis are known for enjoying any festival in a spectacular way. kudos

Chucks Daniel: This is not Nigeria. May be Sudan 🤣🤣

Great Teddy Akpubi: This people primitive sha 😂🤣🤣

Watch the video below,

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