Reality TV star, Lucy Essien Edet has taken to Twitter to rant about an issue that is yet to be disclosed.

Lucy shades

The former BBNaija housemate complained about people acting like demigods because they have connections. She noted that even though she doesn’t have that, she has been able to survive 30 years of her life alone and can still survive few more years without support.

She also talked about how she has been good to some people but her good nature wasn’t being recipocrated. According to her, she wants to go back to her old ways of not allowing people walk all over her.

Lucy throws

The entrepreneur’s outburst has been alleged by Netizens to be directed at one of her fellow housemate in the lockdown house.

Lucy in a series of tweets wrote,

“I want to go back to being the bad person I’ve always been. Some people don’t deserve good. When you’re my kind of bad, you just don’t take shit from people and they can’t walk all over you, being nice and trying to follow peace with all men isn’t working..

You’ll be doing things and considering people’s feelings and they’ll be acting like demigods… Alaye please… You have the connects, I get it.. All these years I survived…30 damn years… I can do a few more on my own…just take your hands of the reigns..

Lucy shades



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