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Heartbrokǝn Nigerian Lady Ends Up In The Hospital After Her 4-Year Relationship Ends (VIDEO)

A Nigerian lady has been hospitalized after her 4-year relationship abruptly came to an end, sparking an outpour of support and concern from social media users.

The situation was first revealed in a viral video, which showed the woman lying in a hospital bed, seemingly weak receiving medical attention.

The video’s caption left no doubt about the cause of her distress, stating simply: “I lost my 4-year relationship.”

While the details of the relationship’s collapse remain unclear, the video has touched a nerve online with many taking to the comments section to express their sympathy and share their own experiences with the pain of heartbreak.

As the outpour of sympathy and concern continues, the video has captivated the attention of viewers, leading to a wave of mixed reactions.

Here are some comments from netizens:

@Rac heal: “People don’t understand they think it’s easy to late go 💔.”

@leahlee626: “the first rule in love is ‘ use your lungs for love not your heart’..👌.”

@Hady: “too us who have rock hurts I swear I always run before it becomes worse eeeee.”

@sally❤️Namwanga princess: “This was me I lost a two year relationship and I Almost died but here I am today happier than I was.”

@Nick Shifah Jiji: “I can relate I lost my three year relationship I lost weight hospitalized twice but later I moved on 🫂🫂🫂🫂.”


Watch the video below:

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