A trending video of an African bride refusing to kiss her groom on their wedding day sparks discussion online as many speculate on early separation.

The viral clip shows the couple standing at the altar after exchanging their vows and ready to exchange kisses when the bride instantly turned her face away to avoid physical contact with her groom.

In the video, the bride started laughing abruptly, causing the groom to wonder what could be the reason as he struggled to kiss her until a relative interfered.

The video circulating online has stirred differing opinions from social media users as many demand reasons for the bride’s unnecessary reaction.

While some speculate that the bride is being shy because of the large audience present at their wedding, others commend the man for proceeding with the wedding regardless of his bride’s attitude.

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@itisplenty And he still went ahead to complete the ceremony.

@Ishow_leck Why is she laughing FGS? She was actually insulting his husband and laughing. Eww

@Iamlizkid1 Thing wey be say they do kiss and chop each other so tay she’s now shy at the altar

@Bilal_of_Lagos No wahala Them go kiss later in the night, she’s just shy

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