judith lecturer

A Facebook user, Judith Juahla, shared on her page that the said female undergraduate slept with her lecturer hoping to get an A, but was shocked when she saw an E because as she said, she didn’t fulfill the man’s sexual desires.

Reports have it that she is an electrical engineering student at University of Nairobi and the lecturer was identified as Dr. Kiogora.

Lol… The story seems fishy though, given that she shared it to the whole public… Just like that…

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  1. I don’t blame the lecturer he saw how cheap you were and simply took advantage of the situation.Lecturers hardly go for girls who keep their head high and don’t mess around.Sleeping around to get cheap marks in school?Dont you have a brain to read?The fact that you slept with him shows how morally bankrupt you are. He tried he even gave you E he should have given you a solid Ferrari (F) .I hope when you realise your mistakes it won’t be too late.

  2. Virginity is the best wedding gift any man would receive from his newly wedded wife..
    But lately,there’s nothing as such any-longer because it’ll have already been given out as a birthday gift, token of appreciation,job assurance, church collection,Examination marking schemes & for lorry fares!.
    I just pray God helps this generation!!!

  3. Idiot… Some people would burn the night candle to read hard and pass their exams, and u idiot thought because u offered him that rubbish in between ur legs would make him award u an ‘A’. If I were the lecturer I would have given something worst than F. U dog.

  4. Firstly the girl is a prostitute, she fles too much that she can’t have time to do cram work cos naturally she has a dull brain therefore should expelle from any institutions in this planet ….As for the lecturer his punishment await him cos he mention SEX ,can’t he demand money or other material things

  5. DNT Worry he will give u d A, but u have to sleep with him again, again and again cuz he z counting d alphabet from behind, d next one will b D den b4 d C till it gets to “A”..anu ohia, no read ur books, ogara school amaghi akwukwo

  6. I am not suprise, just last week, I was asking a lecturer, the reason why some lecturer were demanding sex from female students for a mark, he told me that female students has rewrite the story, that female students is now begging lectures to give them mark in exchange for sex.one lady who’s a student at university of Calabar confessed to her boyfriend that her roommate has done it and was persuading her to do it as well, that there is no big deal in doing that. Only God will save our girls of nowadays!

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