Saturday, March 25, 2023

“Help! I Just Found Out that the Man I Slept with and Stole Money from is My Fiance’s Elder Brother”

The young lady told her story on break_or_makeup where she told stunned readers about her thievish past.

According to her, she had slept with and stolen from many men in the past and didn’t see anything wrong with that at the time.


However, she had just discovered that a particular man she stole from now happens to be her fiance’s elder brother. Needless to say, this revelation has left her totally confused and battered.

She now seeks an urgent solution out of the whole mess,

Below is how she told the story:




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  1. Ikwex Okibe says:

    Face it ooo

  2. Alake Dotun says:

    Gbese re ooo

  3. Tony P Ijeh says:

    You should be happy na for cheating

  4. Iyabo Aaron says:

    Lol u dn enter one chance


  6. EHEEE so what kind of help do you need here?

  7. This one na big gbaga

  8. Hahaha

  9. Hahahaha

  10. Sarah Laco says:

    D only help I can give u is to kari u come our CELE church make dem flog out spirit of fucking what does not belong to u outta ya life!

  11. lol! what should I help you with now;to explain to your fiance or to give you some sense” my dear zero your mind and return your engagement ring to your fiance before he finds out what you did’ cos its glaring clear that family will not accept you as a wife” better luck next time

  12. Hmmmm see gobe oooo

  13. Amina Usman says:

    Don’t worry your marriage ll continue by God’s grace

  14. Wow wonderful, try well well

  15. Congratulations on ur life achievement! Try again nxt time! Lol

  16. Really

  17. Jeez u av a fiance nd still went out to av sum fun…. seriously i gat no advice for you

  18. Frank Thomas says:

    Devil punish u

  19. Ken Enabs says:


  20. Lol, dis one na okotorigba in Igbo

  21. Racheal Ali says: try.

  22. Yabaleft na too much. Hmmm

  23. Chaiii……ur village witch ar doing soft work in ur life……. They be like…… #softwork #isourworko

  24. No more wedding

  25. Just confess to your fiance tell him what happened explain if he loves you he’ll stay because that’s what you did in the past but just pray and talk to him tho it won’t be easy but toh everyone makes mistakes.

    • Hopeless hope. You think real life is like life in the movie?? This is nt Zee world,Telemundo or Televista

    • Kendrick Prince read the story before you show yourself ok? I didn’t say she was right she should confess to him tho I have no idea how it will go but the chances of him leaving her is high besides even if this one doesn’t catch up with her others will do its better she comes clean and get it over with but toh if you are without sin cast the first stone but you already sound like a pathetic fellow so no need

  26. Umoh David says:

    That is the result of unfaithfulness,everyday is for the thief and one day is for the owner of the house;its been long u v been cheating on your man,God don catch you.

  27. Grace Babajo says:

    Good for you

  28. Ahiaba Joe says:

    Go hang yourself with short rope
    Na ur type dey spoil d gud women name idiot

  29. Too bad

  30. Yunus Raheem says:

    So funy

  31. Alohan Mercy says:

    Good for u

  32. Vera Judith says:

    Serves you right dear.

  33. You just entered one chance bus

  34. Case dismiss. Its now a family matter. Y come here?

  35. Over smart abi? U r on ur own!

  36. Tseayo Rita says:


  37. Just go to him and confess even if he refuse to accept you as his feature wife at least you are clean cos everybody make mistakes.

  38. You re not suppose to have a fiance?

  39. So u slept with two brothers, that is wat OBASANJO did before his son later get married to the girl.

  40. Surrender your life to Jesus & he’ll settle your case .

  41. Go back and steal more

  42. nah you be five star general

  43. Chinwe Otti says:

    Ok nah, I dey come

  44. u are engaged and u still sleep wit another man to de extend of stealing his money, abeg go and tell ur guy dat u are not interested anymore than 4 him to find out by himself. SORRY…….

  45. Erica Adison says:

    Ur time is up

  46. Tie ba e

  47. I heard sombdy said “just tlk to ur fiance and make him understand its ur past and if he truly loves you he will keep on with u” . and I’m like “Hopeless hope. You think real life is like life in the movie?? This is nt Zee world,Telemundo or Televista”. Did I hear u say “if he truly loves you?? I guess, the lady dat fuck and stole smthg truly loves her fience that she went to fuck outside Abi

  48. Am tried to they hear help my husband this my husband that can’t we hear how can i help my husband be successful in this recession

  49. mtchew which help do you need again,some people will say you should ask God for forgiveness but that same God said no sinner will go dear this world is ruled by the laws of receprocal actions,so just don’t waste your time return the engagement ring and say bye bye.try telling your fiance before he takes you home if he forgives you no p.this will serve as a lesson if things turns out bad,when you were doing it then you where chopping life…

  50. Help with what?

  51. OYO

  52. Mariah Ogiji says:

    Sorry no help,just return d ring nd confess,if he 4giv u fine nd if he did not then move on.

  53. Gulf Limmer says:

    U never see anything.God don catch u.

  54. Oyinye Gift says:


  55. The law of kama has caught up with you…….God forbid am going to be in your shoes. …but if I am in your shoes I will go for facial surgery….that is if you still wanna live a dishonest life……..or better still go for forgiveness n fuck him one more time fish brain…

  56. Yabaleft which country did this happen

  57. Chukwu Flozy says:

    Some people dnt understand o ,she did all that before she met this her fiance… Hmmmm… You thought you could get advice here but too bad you can’t get anything here so go and make a decision o o ,may God have mercy on you and help you


    She don’t sleep with the man,thief the man money before she come meet this man wey wan marry her but e com be say the man wey she don thief him money tetee… Come be de man wey wan marry her senior brother.. U UNDERSTAND ??????

  58. Lydia Onoja says:

    The fact that she got engage meant that the relationship was serious but she jeopardise that for a few bucks,don’t tell me it was a mistake,she wasn’t intoxicated or forced,she even stole his money for crying out loud

    • My God will give. You a husband better than me… and if u are already married, let him be the pillar of ur state… u nak d hammer for nail gbam

  59. Bad market girl…..forget him already and move on.

  60. dts y its not gud to be a bad/runs girl.cox u might hangout wit ur father/brother inlaw to b without knowing.

  61. Ngozi Ijeoma says:

    Congrats on!

  62. Bravo

  63. Kindness Ama says:

    remember that is not necessarily a referral program every licence member are been paid directly to their bank account

  64. Ezegbe Chuka says:

    :* You wey dey loose guard, your cup don full, abeg do your face well!!.

  65. Kikikikikikikiki

  66. Heee…e don be for u….U have put d music feel free to dance to it

  67. Ceo Chiebuka says:

    Send me some of the money you stole and I will tell you what to do..
    Inbox me if you interested

  68. Babe pls just forget about that engagement n move on with ur life.. U don’t need help u no what to

  69. Flora Adogun says:

    Eyaaaa…i feel ur pain bcoz u neva knw d law of karma will catch up with u…we all hv made mistake in d past that we are not proud of,u already know it will b diff 4 ur relationship to work,u beta return d ring quietly and tell him ur reasons.even if he 4give u,what abt his family?can u live with d stigma all ur life?

    • Brie Taylor says:

      Thanks for this comment…

    • Flora and brie… if u have ever don such a. tin, forget forgiveness… such tinz would always catch up with u.. . It’s not a cause but a law.. maybe not in d form of dis lady but definitely u most pay for it…

    • Flora Adogun says:

      @Ihetu Anthony u sound as if u are mr perfect,i hv neva stolen frm any1 and i was neva into runz,wen i said we all hv done tins that we r nt proud of,i neva approve of what she did in her pasted,do u knw that fornication and lies are not things that one should b proud of?so mr perfect u are nt as perfect as u sound.

    • Brie Taylor says:

      Ihetu Anthony Why me,have you seen me before or chat with me????Guy watch your tongue….what goes around Comes back around!!…Am not perfect;done things am not proud off but not stealing!!!!

  70. End of the road for you.

  71. Loooolz

  72. Sunzel Chris says:

    Kill ur self

  73. Theresa Ogar says:

    You Neva chi chom chim

  74. Sundey Cyril says:

    U was once a sinner, but now u a new person, just confess to ur fiance if truly he loves u, he will make peace between the two of u, pray to God first let God guide u, u did it before meeting ur fiance, just repent, it’s well even the well ok

  75. Lol………go nd fast nd pray

  76. Kneel down let me pray for u…every spirit of cheating and stealing out in the blood of Zechariah Amen lolz. May the Lord show u his mercy. Mr judge and Mrs judge pls leave Mata for Martians t could be anyone else okay just stop judging is her past live and she’s not proud of t no one is above mistake. Sister receive deliverance Amen

    • Chioma… e be like say u dey into dis kind runs… it can not happen to any other person but doz dat indulge sex wrk

    • Don’t av anything to reply to u but pls leave people’s weaknesses you no why? one can fall victim of one crime or the oda. Even u that’s commenting dis I believe u av ur own weakness too pls remove what s in ur eyes before thinking of odas u sin many times and God didn’t condem or even kill u or do u think he’s not seeing u? Why can’t u treat ur fellow being with respect, my dear i dare u u are not better than her or is t because she opened up what about dose that av theirs in them. Just turn ur back u will understand what am talking about

  77. Dat his elder bro nor go gree, and there is no way he will not recognise u, firstly as a runs gurl and secondly as a runs gurl who stole his money, my dear just forget about him and focus on someone else, even if he doesnt recognise u noe he will eventually recognise u later, just pray 4 God to bring anoda man dat is not linked to ur past. U welc

  78. Cnt stop laffing

  79. Chaii eyaaaah!!! No need asking for help. See as u take use longer throat waka spoil, u think say u smart hmm u cup don full. Move ahead girl no more relationship for u anymore from ur guy lol

  80. Another reason y fornication is not gud, just return the ring because u cannot bear the shame and the family will always look u wit DAT eye if they manage to accept u

  81. Dats not a problem my dear,, YOU JST STOLE D MONEY DAT WAS MEANT FOR YOUR BRIDEPRICE..
    I can help u shaa,, bring d money let’s use it for MMM..

  82. U have a fiancee…
    And u are still sleeping with another one?
    How many fiancee’s do u want to gather in the nearest future?
    OK,We dat don’t have fiancee who do u want us to sleep with?
    As if that is not enough,
    You even stole his money? Our future fiancee’s money?
    To Coat it all… U stole ur fiancee’s elder bros money…
    My dear on behalf of those who don’t have fiancee…
    I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment.. In ur village…
    Never to return to city again..

  83. that’s good for u


  85. Is it true or fable

  86. Is it true or fable

  87. Chima Justin says:


  88. To help you pay back the money right? You don enter one chance

  89. Fatima Lawal says:

    Eyya srry

  90. u r a prostitute

  91. Drazy Aveli says:

    Help!! I don’t know who took d kush i kept in my bag… #nonsensepost

  92. kill your self

  93. Lobatan

  94. Hahahaha oooshooonu GI , abeg go cry ur die joor , next time u will.learn

  95. Raphael Eyo says:

    Ok oooo

  96. Sylvia Elix says:

    First d witches from ur village r using ur pictures for hand fan, for u to be engaged n still sleep around means u will cheat in ur matrimonial home, babe u need 10 pastors to lay hands on u.

  97. Fanny Ogechi says:

    Seriously! You have a fiancé yet you sleep around and pick pocket? Hmm. . . I hope you know what that means? Forget that relationship cause you just ruined it!

  98. Go on n suck more dick

  99. Oyo for u.gbege don gas.u done use ur hand destroy urself be that.

  100. Srry sist jst one of those bad market

  101. Wetin concern bicycle with filling station……OYO= On oyo own

  102. Good for u uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  103. Great news, I not ready to become a wife dog.

  104. Ann Amaka says:

    You ve robbed yourself

  105. Ah wetin be my own here,gerarahere mehn.

  106. Thunder way go still fire you Dey gym for stadium… Fast n furious season 12. You second name in Chinese Na タナヤ他

  107. You are finished

  108. Confession, they may not accept you but ur mind will be free from guilt

  109. Rush down to any nearest bar nd take two bottles of Orijin. I will take care of d bills. Thumbs up. U must b STUPID!!!!

  110. You are First Class ole and asewo you have a man and you’re still sleeping around with men expose yourself and spoil your future just ask God to forgive you

  111. Walee Bee says:

    Lmao return it back to him and tell him it was a prank

  112. Olu Taiwo says:

    Congratulation dear

  113. Leave ur fiancee

  114. Hahahahahaha lwkmd

  115. Nemesis has caught up with u.

  116. Heaw nwamoooo!!! The witch in ur village is doing soft work in your life… if you really need help, inbox me.. if it’s advice u need, u are way past that now.. you can only become an adviser because these your experience has surpassed any experience the younger generation Can ever have.. u are officially the wisest woman in 9ija.. but only if u inbox me and survive this witchcraft soft work in your life

  117. My dear no stress urself cus there is no way he will take u brk or even d elder one u slept with jst dnt border asking for his forgiveness… try oo cus he might or might nt take u brk

  118. May Jakes says:

    Well, if I was in her shoes, immediately I knew he was my fiancee’s elder brother,I’d simply wake him up in d middle of the night and confess all that happened in d past,cry over it and ask for forgiveness.( i still believe that True love doesn’t look at d past).. after doing so, allow him to think about it,let him decide over what he wants.. if he says yes and he’s matured enough to put it behind him,fine! If he says no,it’s still fine! By your sincere confession,God will bring another man your way who won’t even care about your dark past.. MY dear,I think you should let him know bcos if you and his brother covers it,don’t forget someone somewhere(it might be your girlfriend who knew about your past)will still tell your husband about it, you cant cover up such story for long. First of all let him know,then you two can go together and apologize to his brother. I think it’s matured that way! God bless!!!

    • Pls. Correct ur impression. If he doesn’t put it behind him, its not immaturity. Its choice. Forgiving is not an act of maturity. Its something that you should feel. Another thing you should remember, is family. No husband and wife can stand alone without family. She needs both his, and his brother’s forgiveness. I don’t think if it were to be your brother you would advise him to accept her., but I wish her well and pray it all turns out good

  119. Gbege…

  120. Ojima Idris says:

    You are on your own

  121. Paul France says:

    hahahaha just go and join CUCUMBA CLUB OK

  122. C gobe

  123. continue sleeping with any man you see

  124. Na ur problem nah, wetin concern me, by the way why do you stole d moni?

  125. Faith Kiki says:

    Lol funny talk.

  126. Lol na only u waka go oooooo. U don jam. Anyways still waka go back there go finish wetting u start na.

  127. Run away and hid in the ocean

  128. Since u said help… Start from Genesis to revelation… Read all…then go and confess

  129. Yacub Salih says:

    Don’t worry,you can handle it…(whisppering)just keep it to yourself.

  130. Livy Udenze says:

    hahahaha girls with their wahala.

  131. Why will you be sleeping around when you have fiance good for you long throat

  132. Rita Ene says:

    I dey play l dey show

  133. No be bad fin na,ur job don pay well well be that.Enjoy ur sweet.>:)>:)>:)>:)>:)>:)>:)

  134. You are on your own ash

  135. You don enter one chance motor as they say everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner.

  136. Haa you are doomed!! Kpele oo. Long throat na im dey worry you .ntohh!!

  137. Hahahahaha. Ur fada dia

  138. Well as it is now you have many options,u can steal his phone number and call him to apologize,or u can disguise and tint ur hair and also add contact lenses or u can form sickness d very day ur to visit.many many stories past naaaaah,and if ur going to see him hold him money because we are in recession

  139. So, what sort of help are you looking for again, after all you’ve helped yourself out!

  140. Abeg my sis pass ur fiance give me u no deserve him stupid girl, u for steal de man manhood

  141. Gift Nyenke says:

    I don’t know how i can be of help

  142. Disappear oooo

  143. The thunder that will fire u will come in three different flavors which are vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors.

  144. Say good to broke ness and poverty with just a token of, 6k with I charity club income be financially free instead of blaming the government always join the winning team what’s up 08085784524

  145. Nigerians, she needs advice. Confess to ur man ooo and then return the money, things never spoil finish. If he dos nt accept you again return the money and move on

  146. Ur relationship has just ended and terminated. Move on and change from that worthless life. Soogbo omoge

  147. ekpa

  148. Lwkmd well its going to be difficult but I think u have to talk to your boo so hr doesn’t hear it from his brother first. Cos d story is sour to the ear.

  149. Help? Did you just say help? Did you ask for advice before you embarked on this mission? Water don pass garri now you dey shout help! Oya continue, oyo be your name

  150. Change another fiancé,if it is possible. For the first fiancé,u have lost that. Know that

  151. Eh don bizzle for u na….end of discussion….start to find new fiancé

  152. Wot goes around comes around…… Ntooorrr

  153. I ll advce u mend ur ways n talk to ur fiance n if he 4givs u he can sort it out wit his big bro. Duo it mite nt be easy but u just hv to let him hear it 4rm u dan 4rm his own broda. If u dnt tell him now n u dcide to speak to ur old customer he mite accpt to kip quiet but be rest assured u ll bcme his prisoner 4life, wont njoy ur marriage n u ll end up losing ur husbnd n if u re nt creful it mite be 2late 4u 2remarry n i hope u knw wat dat mins? Wasted years n effort. Gudluck 2u

  154. To quite shouldn’t be a problem ,because what u did shows that you didn’t love the guy in the first place. Try to Know the qualities you want in a guy,as you ask for the kind of person in prayers, just be focus regardless of any form of pressure, or else such thing will continue to repeat it self.

  155. Ngwanu what do I tell you since you’re in the business of sleeping around continue. Did I hear you say fiance mbanu it is not true to worst the matter you are a thief too continue again. Just go and wait for another mugu that will take you as his fiancee and let this your useless act be your teacher and your adviser.

  156. You’re a ‘call girl’, and local harlot come and s*ck my d*ck bitch

  157. Atoyebi Femi says:

    You need to be deliverance
    Go to mfm

  158. Which help u dey mad , u have someone u called fiance and ur still sleeping around as dog u are nonses

  159. You can’t eat your cake and have it back what goes around comes around

  160. Return the money.

  161. Paul Ajibulu says:

    OK and who you help

  162. Just take the money you stole and continue moving forward cos sleeping with him already na bad market….

  163. Na God catch you.Yeye dey smell!.

  164. oh that’s good, now they will know that a thief is coming to the family

  165. Karma it’s karma always live right ooooo girls live right in this life oh they won’t understand what am saying see now that 22 years old girl bragging about her married man lover tomorrow now one handsome good looking dope financially young man comes for her and engage her and she later discovered the man is the younger brother of the married man or even the wife younger brother sorry no explanations o no just bother and no try am cry cos even cry that time go vex for you ..karma is everywhere and e dey always stay for the right junction dey wait jeje for u

  166. Joy Dyako says:

    Just reading comments

  167. Chidi Anugom says:

    No problem just return his money and he will pretend that nothing happened between both of you, it happens all the time. Lol

  168. Bose Ibodeme says:

    Good 4 u Oleg.

  169. Nneka Andrew says:

    She need a DR

  170. Nneka Andrew says:

    Because she sick when you are engaged it was the time to plan for your wedding

  171. What help can we render to a whore and a thief? OK, whore on more and steal no more.

  172. Ameh Shelter says:


  173. End of the road

  174. Confess and be free even if he ends up dumping you, you will get a better one ok

  175. Omo Na gobe oooo

  176. Whatever comes to u take it. I hate ur when girls have fiance nd still sleep around. Personally u don’t deserve ur fiance.. So I won’t even bother reading ur story I’ll just comment nd get the hell out of here

  177. Obinna Ohah says:


  178. Explain Ur past to Ur man

  179. It think u shuld just ask God 4 his mercy and 4giveness and move on the past is in the past aferall the man may not recognise u if God intervenes

    • Isioma, ur advise good ooo…………………., but ma dear, God no deh intervene on dis kind matter ooo…………………., unless Him go arrange apology go give Sodom and Gomorah . Dis lady is from d tribe of Gomorah

  180. Ti e ti ba ni yen o

  181. Karma

  182. Danture Jae says:

    Yawa don gas hahahaha

  183. Congratulations! Why u come dey tell us?

  184. Please kill urself

  185. U are finish.

  186. Nemesis. This one will surely backfire. So u are engaged and still sleeping around with men huh? Deal with it girl, u’re on ur own. Lol

  187. Congratulations

  188. funi

  189. Edith Orji says:

    Chai!!! Mmmmm what do I say now o ooo. My dear I wish u well. Pls just pray for the way out of this mess.

  190. Nkoko Ida says:

    Serves you right madam cheater.

  191. okay. its simple my dear. move on with ur man. wats is past is past. especially if ur man already knows it and if he really loves u he will understand and won’t let u go. if ur fiancé brother is trying to blackmail make him realise what happen between both of u was a mistake and u have change and its time to let that go and move on as two mature adult. u love his brother and he should not be hindrance to d life u are going to share with him.


  193. Kalu Sampson says:

    The devil s playin bet9ja wit ur live my sista. U nid 40 days dry fastin and prayer wit 40 packet of candles

  194. Are you kidding me??

  195. Marc Donald says:

    My best advice is repent with all your heart then upon the Lord

  196. Yall should read more n understand very well before commenting jabs na….she said “she just found out the man she slept with” meaning she aidy slept with d man before having a fiance,it was in d past…. O ye Judges!

  197. Diclan Odey says:

    Jst kill your self

  198. Tank Gos

  199. Tank God

  200. Wicket girl

  201. Its over btw u two

  202. C ur life

  203. Too much of Nollywood movie dey disturb una…
    That’s what u will achieve by watching Rita Dominic and Pat Attah movies…

  204. Kill the man and go ahead and marry ur fiance. Stupid silly lady

  205. Peace Udoka says:

    Sorry o

  206. Lot Peace says:

    begin dey pray cxz yr ntin bt a disgrace to ladies,i dnt knw whts wrng wit u girls u hv sum1 who luv u for who u’re nd who whtu will be bt u dnt see al dat,u nid money nd sex wakeup babe dz guys u al see nid a simple girl nt sum classic stupid low head…Sex nd money is nt relationship

  207. Sonia Lucky says:

    Wetin dem won help u for na

  208. Hahahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahahaha ur cup don full

  209. Lolz

  210. Haha Hahaha so you have a fiance??? And still go on give out your fiance pineapple men chopping it!!!! Sleeping with men and stealing from them! Sorry to say this… you’re a big and commander in chief prostitute ??

  211. Ize Isah says:

    U av a fiancée and u are still sleeping around, u be dog?

  212. U die well

  213. Confess it to ur husband to be first

  214. U a already in a one chance bus. Long throat thief.

  215. This is an example of when ur past keeps hunting you…that’s why as ladies we should always think about the future b4 living a reckless life. Karma is a bitch, u know.

  216. Hahahaha wonders shall never end… But that’s what you get when you are not discipline, may be one more attempt would be your fiance’s father. STUDIP GALS

  217. What type of help do you need?

  218. This is bad….bad but for anyone that is willing to change and turn a new leaf, encourage them so that they don’t go back or give up on getting better. Make peace with God first ask Him to help you, forgive yourself, then tell your man. You must refund that money. Whether you lose him or not you will use it to achieve one great thing: making peace with your past and correcting your source of income . God wants to do something good in your life but you have to fix this. Meeting your fiancé wasn’t by chance or a form of judgment but an opportunity and lesson. Be grateful.

  219. Well if it happened in the past before meeting his junior bro, it will fine if you have told your fiancee about this before his elder brother do……. Coz there are changes in every human

  220. Sheen Sheen says:


  221. Linus Daniel says:

    God loves you.

  222. This is what i call Gobelacious…

  223. Kate Ogar says:

    That is good for you


  225. Gbese re o

  226. U are not the marriage type.even if u get married by mistake your marriage won’t last

  227. Segun Dada says:

    Nice one

  228. Chei… This problem big pass me ooo.. God help u

  229. Eve Queen says:

    Hmmmmmm too bad

  230. U need genuine repentance.

  231. Hahahahahaha

  232. Peace Dim says:

    And ur village people go be lyk #softworkisourthingoo#

  233. But the kind of news u guys are posting here eehn, you people will give sombody high BP one day

  234. shame on u.u deserve that shame

  235. Queene Funmi says:

    Who cares? Your 2cups of bitter leaf juice. Drink it yourself. Sleeping with him n tifing his cash.

  236. Charles Joy says:

    my dear i no u are wrong.but wat has happened has happened okay

  237. Anita David says:

    Why were u still sleeping around when u knw that u are into serious relatipnship with someone, girls of now aday. Well ur cup has full bcos don’t pity such person.

  238. Sharon Oge says:

    Girl u are thing but a runs girl am sorry to say it

  239. Why storing the money are you a thief

  240. Glory Jimmy says:

    Ur name is sorry

  241. ..u exhibited the bitchiness in u; confess ur outrage to ur fiancee, return the stolen money, & disappear from the cursed relationship!

  242. Cynthia Nma says:

    How you feel now

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  244. I’ve watched this movie, trust me

  245. Confess to your fiancee an take the money you stole back to d owner

  246. Ntooooooo. So u even ve a fiancé & u went for away match. By the way what re u looking for outside. Olosho

  247. Maybe ur next plan is to divide the family by continue sleeping with the elder brother in the name of paying him off

  248. Amaka Ogbu says:


  249. Amaka Ogbu says:

    Just forget about the family

  250. Oreoluwa Ngo says:

    certainly, you don’t have good quality to be an house wifey!!!

  251. Na your dowry you take style dey collect. Carry go.

  252. You ar on your own o

  253. Ify Bona says:

    God didn’t sign dat marriage, so continue ur biz and very soon ull meet ur one chance husband.

  254. Wow congrats. What a smart girl tuns up

  255. That good clap for your self

  256. Laughing harder biko u people should leave me alone ohhh this girl is so funny

  257. Bush meat don catch hunter be dat o

  258. Obal Ubi says:

    That’s how you’ve been living continue

  259. Lolo Nelly says:

    Marriage is a finisher have you heard this type of English before

  260. Hannah Odaro says:

    So wetin you want make we do? You don enter one chance oo

  261. Gbamm no way