A woman has allegedly been bewitched for sleeping with a married man.

The video making rounds online shows the woman whose legs have supposedly turned to that of a cow with a native doctor trying to heal her.

The distressed-looking lady who had also grown a tail that flapped around was surrounded by onlookers and a camera crew.

Netizens have responded in a variety of ways, with some expressing skepticism about its authenticity and others being completely perplexed.

Reacting to the video, Instagram user @the_mad_vagrant wrote,
“There’s a rope pulling the tail, a thin string, you can tell by how it moves, if you ever played as a kid you’d know, plus there’s a cloth conveniently covering the parts where the human and animal sides meet ? how come the legs aren’t moving and the tail is just wagging sporadically? Animals don’t just randomly wag their tail, dogs do it when they’re happy or excited, goats and other ungulates do it to drive flies. If you believe this, then a kid could sell rainwater to you on a stormy day.”

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