Rapper CDQ laments

Nigerian rapper, Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf better known as CDQ, has taken to social media to bemoan the declining economic condition in the country.

The ‘Akwaba’ crooner in a tweet shared on Twitter lamented over the rising cost of living in Nigeria without an increase in minimum wage.

Rapper CDQ laments

He pointed out the alarming increase in price of some basic food items and wondered how we arrived at this point, whereas the Federal Government keeps collecting loans from foreign bodies without a visible result in the country.

He wrote,

“Are we going to ignore d fact that things are really getting difficult for d masses day by day in Nigeria. People are getting tired already. Pure water #5 is now #20 Egg of #30 is now #120 Bread of #200 is now #1,200 diesel of #164 is now #800 yet no increase in Minimum wages

The only question is : How did we get here what happened to our currency that it got so depreciated even below Ghana cedis. where are the developments all the money borrowed spent on. all these people ruling us do they have heart and conscience atall? Are they really human”

See his tweets below,

A while ago, CDQ shared a video which captured the heartwarming moment he reunited with his mum after three years apart.

The indigenous hip-hop rapper paid a surprise visit to his mum in Spain, and his mother’s reaction when she saw her son, whom she had not seen for the past three years, was priceless. Watch the heartwarming video here

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