Nigerians are known for their ability to make fun of every situation – good or bad – and ease their tensions thereby.

This time, they have decided to create funny and non-existent reactions of top personalities and agencies to the news that the new moon which was supposed to mark the end of the Muslim Ramadan fasting season, had not been sighted yet.

Below are some of the concocted reactions to the news of the missing moon:

The sighting of the moon was Inconclusive

Useless idiot imbecile moon with craw craw nyash. Mtcheeew
-Whilemina Moses

The sighting of the moon has been adjourned till tomorrow
-Abuja High Court

The sighting of the moon was not altered, a committee will be set-up to be headed by Sen. David Mark (Chairman Senate committee on Observation)

The moon has already been sighted tomorrow
-Lai Mohammed

That missing moon looks like one big nipple
-Obinna Azubuko

The anomally in the crescentic illumna of the moon in the atmospheric galaxy is tantamount to more crinkum crankum & hoola-baloo
-Patrick Obahiagbon

The APC was the cause of the moon not sighted in Nigeria

We will create another moon for Nigerians

Rumours have it that the moon may have been a victim of domestic violence for over 10 years. Shoki arhhann
-Stella Dimoko korkus

That stupid moon is a learner
-Sweetest Vivienne

Due to none sighting of the Moon, the Board of the Ulamas has been dissolved and we shall fish out those responsible for the missing moon.

We blew up the moon and we will blow up more moons within 24 hours
-Niger Delta Avengers

Undercover sources report that the moon worth 2.6 trillion dollars has been found inside the underwear of a housemaid somewhere at Abuja
-Sahara Reporters

Oh, what a lovely moon
-Anwuli Oputa

Insha allah, We are responsible for the absence of the moon in the sky. This is just the beginning. We shall use the moon to strike fear into the hearts of the infidels
-Boko Haram

Mbok. This is Time to reach reachout and bless the missing moon.
-Laila ijeoma

Those responsible for the missing moon will soon be apprehended and charged accordingly. We have evidence.

Only Nnamdi kanu can find the stolen moon

Oh my! Checkout the massive eggplant on the missing moon
-Linda Ikeji

We know where the moon is but we don’t want to say
-The US govt

Now that the moon is missing, We must all be on our best behaviour
-Uncle Babz

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