Read Below a trending Whatsapp conversation between a Man and His wife, after the latter proposed family planning.

Apparently, the couple have two kids together, and the wife thought it was a wise decision if her man takes on family planning.

She suggested IUD, asking her husband to go for the minor surgery where, the device will be inserted into his balls and cause him to produce infertile sperms.

The chat is interesting.. Read below:


  1. Hahaha!Hilarious indeed! Can you imagine?..hitting him with a small hammer πŸ”¨ in his BALLS!… HELL NO! Mam’I don’t Support that Either..

  2. Because they day balls. Some persoms are just talking somehow…. its called BROKOS AND SEED… YOU NOGO TRY USE HAMMER HIT AM.

  3. So women are created to enjoy pains hun

    Selfish husband

    Sure nobody will have to use any harmmer there though

    Funny wife scares her fearful hubby.

  4. Hit a hammer in the what!!!. Hell no that shouldn’t, can’t happen to any guys pair of eggs. For fucks sake it shouldn’t even be a conversation. F******k. This Is literally putting my balls on the line.

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