Nigerian men harass

A video of the confrontation between several men and a Nigerian woman over her choice of clothing at a bus park has been shared online.

In the viral clip, the men harassed the young lady for wearing a revealing outfit to the park and ordered her to return home to change her top.

The lady, who wore a bum short with a lingerie-like top, stood her ground and questioned why they were embarrassing her over her outfit.

Nigerian men harass

The men insisted she go home to change her outfit and even poured water on her as they taunted her around the park.

The lady maintained that she was traveling and asserted that they had no right to rebuke her over her choice of outfit.

Nigerian men harass

As the incident unfolded, passersby gathered to watch the altercation. After several minutes of going back-and-forth with the men, the lady eventually gave in and boarded a bike to leave the park, thanks to the help of a good Samaritan who shielded her from the mob.

The event has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with many criticizing the young men for bullying the woman. However, they acknowledged that her choice of outfit was inappropriate.

Read some comments below,

@bright___r wrote, “Her choice of outfit may be wrong but it doesn’t give them the right to harass her. There are better ways to go about this.”

@favourhoj wrote, “Ladies if you’re not using bolt or your car don’t dress half naked plss to avoid this rubbish..”

@queen_ennie wrote, “Well! In all of these, I like that she stood up for herself. She didn’t fold for them”

@adinadoris wrote, “Chai watching this video, water comot my eyes, felt for the girl. What she wore was obviously not appropriate especially in that kind of environment but that guy’s approach was so bad, the embarrassment and assault…the video guy is another problem, zooming all that for what exactly🤦‍♀️All the men there shouting “go change the cloth” but they stopped the bike men from carrying her just go continue embarrassing her cause they obviously enjoyed it…thank God for the guy that tried protecting her”

Watch the video below,

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