Mother heavily criticized

A mother has come under heavy backlash on social media for praising her son, Adrian, after he wrote a bitter note to a girl who rejected him.

The boy had asked his female classmate to be his Valentine, but she turned him down. Out of anger, he wrote a vile note to her for rejecting his advances.

Fortunately, the boy’s teacher intercepted the note before it could reach the girl and informed the woman about her son’s action.

Instead of correcting her son for his bitter remarks about the girl, the mum proudly shared the letter on social media and hailed her son.

She captioned the letter, “Don’t ever play with my son. If you know my son, you know how sweet he is. He was hurt and the DC in him came out. Them NC girls can’t take him. He went viral on Twitter man.”

Read the content of the note below,

“Dear Serenity,

“I don’t hope you have a good Valentine’s Day. I also hope you have a horrible day… your gonna hate me okay.

“I’m bout to roast you okay. Here we go.

“Tell me why your mum so fat when she jump she broke the earth’s core.

“Your so ugly even shren said why your so ugly you so dumb. When someone said what 1 + 1 you said 22.

“You so dumb your IQ is 1.

“Your mum so fat that when she was a kid she was already 1,000 pounds.

You so ugly that you got an award how ugly you are.”

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The mother’s action didn’t sit well with many and they called her out for supporting her son’s toxicity instead of calling him to order.

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See her follow-up comments below,

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