A Nigerian man, Oluwafemi Durojaye, has taken to social media to share how he became the first person in his generation to Board a plane, travel overseas and gain Canadian Permanent Residency.

Oluwafemi made the disclosure while celebrating his new age and he enlightened youths on the reason they should use LinkedIn and the opportunities they can get from it.

Read his story here;

“Today is my birthday and I am more than happy to be celebrating my 26th birthday in Canada 🇨🇦

I received more than 1000 DMs of people asking me about how I got the opportunity to travel to Canada on LinkedIn.

My apologies to those that got my response late and also to some that I have not responded to

Truly, some miracles are unexplainable just like the one I experienced but I’ve promised to come back to share the story. So, I’ll try my best

It has been my goal to work overseas. I signed into LinkedIn in 2018 because of this and I got my passport in 2020 with the hope of getting an opportunity

I started building a network around my preferred location and I was able to build more than 1700 connections from Canada here on LinkedIn in 2 years. I sent so many applications both on LinkedIn and Job Bank with no positive result

I would work during the day and still stay up at night because that is the best time to reach out to my prospects. I did this for more than 2 years

Long story short, on one faithful day around January 2022. I received a DM from one of my connections in Canada with a compliment about one post that I made that very day.

I can’t remember the time we got connected but I know it was around last year 2021

I thanked him for his compliment and I told him about my interest in coming to Canada

Before I knew it, he sent me his contact and we got connected on WhatsApp

He opened a WhatsApp group and named it ‘Oluwafemi’s Conquest’ and he added some people that could be of help.

He recommended me to an Employer in Canada and I was offered a job and sponsorship because of his recommendation

He supported me during the whole visa process and on the day of my arrival, He sent someone to come and pick me up at the airport to my destination. What would have cost me more than $100

He took me out for a lunch and not only that, he gave me a laptop so I can stay connected

The phone I brought from Nigeria didn’t work here. This same connection gave me an iPhone

He gave me some money and made sure everything goes well for me

And most importantly he gave me a note about how I can have and successful journey here in Canada and this helped me to be able to set another goal.

That is not all but it’s okay, I know he may not like to see that I came here to post about this

Thank you so much Joel Greenhalgh for taking interest in someone you don’t know. Thank you for supporting my dreams. I hope to repay your kindness one day and I’ll definitely pay this forward

I know this is a divine miracle from God and it is a great win for me
I entered a plane for the first time in my life. It was a beautiful experience
This is my first time to be out of Nigeria. Never had any travel history
I’m the first person to do this in my family if not in my generation

LinkedIn gave me this opportunity and God made everything possible. I give all glory to God

Happy birthday to ME! I pray to God for a successful journey here in Canada


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